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- New blog post up at Frozen Sharon

- Went to Photoshop seminar today. Was good, but didn't learn as much new stuff as at the CS4 for Photographers one.

- Babysat the Monkeys tonight for [livejournal.com profile] genevra. They are still adorable & brilliant.

- Was informed by Girl Monkey that I don't make Mac & Cheese good like mommy. Boy Monkey had no problems and ate it.

- Did the MISFITS' Scavenger Hunt last Saturday. Had fun, didn't come in last.

- Minneapolis was lucky enough to have a visit from [livejournal.com profile] kniblet & [livejournal.com profile] dibsy last weekend. It was lots of fun, and we ate lots of good food. We miss them already.

- Next weekend I shall be doing the MN0PQ (MN0PQ is an outdoor puzzle-solving race. The solution to each puzzle will point to the next puzzle's location. The team that finishes the fastest (and takes the fewest hints) wins, but everyone will have fun. Teams should have four players and will want to bring pencils, paper, clipboards, scissors, tape and BRAINS!)

- And next Monday is Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm at the Guthrie!!! Yay! [livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I will be doing merch.
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Hee hee! JoCo twittered for people to vote for me today:


(Go vote if you haven't yet! http://bit.ly/frzn )
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I've got one two of the songs I taped at Friday's show up now.

JoCo singing Billy Joel's Pressure:

JoCo singing They Might Be Giants' Birdhouse in my Soul with some help from Paul & Storm:

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Friday night was the Paul and Storm & Jonathan Coulton concert in St. Paul.
While at work Friday afternoon I amused myself by following the shenanigans on Twitter.  )

We got set up for the show. )

The guys were awesome. )

And the night was over. )
All in all, it was a pretty darn fun night.
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Yes, it is yet another JoCo post. I actually got around to making a Facebook event for the Feb 27th show. If you're on Facebook and going to the show, go RSVP yes.

Also, floor seats are going fast, the balcony is still mostly available.

Seating chart under the cut )
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Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton are going to be here on February 27th!

Do you have your tickets yet? There aren't a lot of seats left on the floor, but the balcony is still almost all available. The green seats on this chart are the ones still available:

HistoryOpenSeats.psd @ 100% (Layer 1, RGB/8#)

[livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I are going to be doing merch again, with [livejournal.com profile] johnboze as our minion helping us. As always, if you go to the show and I haven't met you in real life yet, stop by and introduce yourself and say hi!

I'm also planning to bring the video camera (and a tripod!) so hopefully I'll get some good video for YouTube. After not having seats for the last two Minneapolis shows, I made sure to buy some good seats for this show. Even though JoCo would have put us on the comp list again, it's worth the cost of tickets for us to be able to sit in the front row. :)


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:35 am
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Remember, JoCo February 27th tickets are on sale now!


So the longer you wait to get your tickets the fewer seating choices you will have.

Here is a map of what's available right now:
(seats w/red triangles already sold)


Buy your tickets here:
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Tickets on sale now!!!!!

Yes, this is a real date this time and not just wishful thinking homework!!

JoCo and Paul and Storm are coming to town!
New venue. Ticketed seating. They are going to play at the History Theatre in St. Paul.

Here is a link to buy tickets. They just went on sale today.

The ticketing chart is kind of weird...
Here's a seating chart to help figure it out.


Go buy your tickets minions!

([livejournal.com profile] nwhepcat, They'll be in Madison on February 26th!)
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JoCo and Paul & Storm are playing in Denver tonight. One of the Denver TV stations had JoCo on for an interview and a live acoustic song today. Brian, the awesome host of Coverville, recorded it and put it up on YouTube for us non-Denver people to enjoy.

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Have I posted this yet? We really really really want Jonathan Coulton to come to CONvergence next year.

Upcoming Events by Eventful

And now there is this one too:

Upcoming Events by Eventful

God, can you just imagine both JoCo and Wil at the same CVG? It's like a geek girl's total wet dream! Two adorable, funny, talented & smart guys in one place! :)
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Hey Dave! You might finally be able to get your JoCo on!
This here post lists his tentative UK tour schedule!!!

Oct 24: Dublin
Oct 25: Glasgow
Oct 29: Manchester
Oct 30: London - Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Oct 31: Nottingham - Game City
Nov 1: Oxford

He's not coming to Yorkshire like you wanted, but wouldn't Nottingham or Manchester be doable for you? If you can, you MUST go see JoCo!!!
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On August 6th this year [livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.

On August 7th he will go on vacation without me.

Then on August 14 I will go without him.

It wasn't really planned that way, it is just how things turned out.

I really wanted to go out to Vegas during the NME to meet all my online podcasting peeps and to go to the JoCo/Richard Cheese/Chance Coverville 500 concert. It just happens to be Microsoft's Patch Week, so my darling [livejournal.com profile] hellbob decided he shouldn't go.

Then last night as he was reading anything new on the internets about The Police he saw that their absolute final last concert together ever was going to be August 7th at Madison Square Garden in New York. And he started to hatch a plan.

So yes, [livejournal.com profile] hellbob will be getting two tickets for that concert tomorrow when they go on sale. He's going to go with [livejournal.com profile] kaldeth. They will fly out the day of the concert and fly back the next day.

Damn expensive concert, but how could I say no to him? He's put up with my James Marsters obsession, after all.

It just seems weird that after rarely flying for vacations in all our time together now we are both going to fly opposite directions without each other!

Of course, he will only get to gaze lovingly upon Sting, Andy and Stewart from afar. I, on the other hand, will most likely get to hug the adorable Mr. Jonathan Coulton. *grin*

I also have to admit to a bit of a twinge of jealousy, as I've already been to Vegas 3 other times (and Hellbob's been twice) but I've never been to New York City! Hardly seems fair seeing as how I'm the one that was born in New York state!
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The tickets for the Coverville 500 concert at the New Media Expo have gone on sale! Unfortunately the cost had to go up to $28 because Brian had to change the venue. :( But $28 is still a bargain for a concert featuring:

Richard Cheese
Jonathan Coulton
Natalie Gelman
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
and hosted by Dan Klass

All of you who are going to the NME should come to the show!

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Even though [livejournal.com profile] hellbob won't be able to join me - :( - I'm going out to Vegas in August! I'll be going for the New Media Expo. I'll be doing the free Exhibit Hall and Keynotes Only registration. Since I don't actually do any podcasting, it would be silly to do the full conference registration at $349!
It's gonna be so cool to meet all these people that I know just through podcasts and the internets!
If any of you on my flist are going to be there *looks towards Phoenix* be sure to let me know so we can meet!

But the BEST part of this trip?
The Coverville 500 Concert!
I'll finally meet Brian Ibbott in person after 3 years of email correspondence & keeping his song database for him. The concert he's going to have was the deciding factor in me going out there.
To celebrate episode 500 of Coverville he's hosting a concert of some of the favorite artists who have been played on his show: Richard Cheese, Jonathan Coulton, and Chance. Also, there will be a singer named Natalie Gelman who I haven't really heard. w00t! You know I loves me some JoCo. And Chance does the most awesome cover of Kelis' Milkshake ever!
If you are going to the NME and want to go to the concert, tickets will go on sale on June 1st. It's at a venue down by the MGM, so it's an easy monorail ride down from the Hilton. Only $20!



May. 19th, 2008 12:30 am
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Hey all you JoCo fans! Did you know that there's a whole Wiki devoted to all things Coulton? It's the JoCopedia!

While checking out the Shows page there I noticed that the May 1st show was his only Twin Cities appearance listed there.
I added pages for his two previous times here: Dec. 6, 2007 at the Varsity and Oct. 6, 2006 at the Fitzgerald Theater when he was here with John Hodgman.
I SUCK at remembering set lists, so if you were at the December show and can remember all the songs he sang, hop on over to the Wiki and edit the show page. (Or if you don't feel like editing just let me know and I'll do it.) Same goes for the 2006 Hodgman appearance, although I don't think any of y'all on my flist were at that...
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Video from Paul and Storm:
The pilot episode of Paul and Storm's new nature/adventure series. In this episode, we try to track down the elusive Coulton. Danger! Excitement! Facts!

Direct link to YouTube page


May. 2nd, 2008 05:48 pm
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Here's my YouTube video of last night's legendary First of May!
Even if you've already watched other peoples versions you should still check this one out. If you skip to about 2:50 it's got a little something extra...

Click here if you can't see the video
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I got home to late to even think about doing anything with the pics. Then I was at work all day. But I'll get to them eventually.
Overall I'm VERY happy with how these look!
Here's one of them:

Also, I've got video that I'll be putting up on YouTube as soon as I figure out how to work iMovie. :)
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Home from the Paul & Storm/Jonathan Coulton concert. Was a good time. Sold out show.
I brought a video camera this time. The dude RickRolled us. Freakin' Awesome!
I must go sleep now.
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Only one week until the First of May!

Do you have your Coulton tickets yet?

If you don't know the significance of The First of May you need to start listening to some Jonathan Coulton! A lot of his music can be downloaded for free HERE. Some of them are free, all of them can be listened to (the whole song, not just a 30 second snippet)

Jonathan will be performing here in town next Thursday, May 1st, at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown!!!! Opening for him is the excellent duo Paul and Storm.

Y'all should check out the music if you haven't yet, and come on out to the show!

I'll be there manning the merchandise table with the other Sharon (Birdchick) and [livejournal.com profile] hellbob. A fun time is guaranteed for all!!!

Tickets can by gotten through TicketBastard, or at the Loring Pasta Bar. They are MUCH cheaper at the LPB because there are no inconvenience fees. Seriously. You save over $5 per ticket. They are just $17 each at the LPB.

Also, if any of you need one ticket, I've got one that's still unspoken for. We just need to figure out when/where I can get it to you. [livejournal.com profile] vorrant, we need to figure out some time for me to get your ticket to you. You can just pay me for it at the show. [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm, I've still got your ticket too. Also, [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm, [livejournal.com profile] genevra is interested in carpooling with you since she's going by herself.

And for all of you weeping non-stop because you don't live in Minneapolis and will thus be missing this awesomeness, here is a list of all of JoCo's upcoming shows: )


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