Feb. 15th, 2007

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No word from [profile] hellbob yet on getting voted off the island.

What I learned in class last night: 
1. Getting notice that you are getting laid off gets you a one week get-out-of-jail card on not having your homework done.
2. There are temp agencies that specialize in the graphics field so if I don't find something permanent I can temp at Photoshop
3. My favoritest teacher at school, Will the Photoshop teacher, rocks! Not only can I use him as a reference when job hunting, but he gave me the contact name of a woman he does a lot of freelance temp assignments for. And assured me that I would have no problem with her agencies Photoshop test because he wrote it.

What I learned at Work today: 
1. Ya know, the computer network works a hell of a lot better when the fiber optic cables aren't damaged! I feel like I'm typing at super speed today in our data entry program because it had been getting sloooowwwwerrr and slooowwweeerrrr before they finally figured it out.
2. I'm having a really tough time giving a damn.
3. One of the vacation days I wanted to go to a Photoshop seminar was not available but the girl who has it is being transferred to Shakopee so I should be able to get it. Before I knew about the layoff the seminar would have just been neat to go to. Now it is also resume fodder.

My favorite recent quote from www.birdchick.com/blog:  
 "I wish I could hunt like that, zipping through the air over 200 mph and killing larger birds with my toes."

Message on www.jamesmarsters.com
"Valentine Greetings

2-14-07 - Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers and loveless - give yourself love; that's always the best.


*snorf* Yes James, and you will be in my thoughts as I "give myself love." Silly man. 

And now lunch is done. Time to dive back into the wonderful world of the entering of datas. yay. 

Have a wonderful day, my dear sweet minions!
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[livejournal.com profile] spankspike got me some virtual candy for valentines day! Yay!
Thank you Spanky! :)
Oooh. That reminds me. Conversation hearts will be on clearance now...


Feb. 15th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I finally made myself a Supernatural icon!
When Dean said this line tonight I just knew it needed to be on an icon. :)

And the font I used? It's called Adobe Jenson Pro


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