Jun. 6th, 2010

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My Space Shuttle launch story.

Now we're on to the second half of day 1.

After lunch we boarded buses for a tour of KSC.

The Apollo Saturn V Center )

Apollo 14

The International Space Station Center )

International Space Station Center

Pictures of stuff we saw on the tour. )

After the tour we took a short break and then boarded the buses again for the highlight of Thursday - the retraction of the Rotating Service Structure!

Finally, pictures of Space Shuttle Atlantis )

After getting dropped off at the press site, we were done with scheduled events for the day. Melissa, Matthew & I took advantage of that time to get our required ā€œIā€™m by the countdown clock!ā€ pictures.

Cheesy self portrait.

Cheesy self portrait

Countdown clock

After hanging out for a little while longer I was going to meet up with my friends Mark & Sarah for dinner but decided I was just too wiped out. I went back to my resort with the intention of napping, but I learned that the pool & hot tub were open until 11:00. Since the flight my husband Rick & my dad were on was landing at 11:12 I figured it was a sign. A nice relaxing soak in the hot tub felt so good. After running to the airport to get Rick & Dad, it was the end of a wonderful day.

Hot tub
(This picture's not blurry because of the water, it's because the phone is in a nice watertight plastic bag!)

Next: Launch day!


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