Apr. 2nd, 2010

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An article about Facebook & Photo Storage
and An article about Facebook's fast-growing role in digital photography

I've had people bring in files that were saved off Facebook to try to get prints and the quality is crap.

From one of the articles:
It's also troubling that most users aren't aware that uploading a picture to Facebook -- and then deleting it from your camera -- means you've lost the original image for good. According to a recent survey from market research firm InfoTrends, fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution. This is probably because Facebook photos look just fine on a computer screen. But when they are printed, the images cannot be cropped or enlarged without looking blurry.

I see it all the time at work. People will bring their memory card in to get stuff printed, but they won't want the pictures burned to a CD but they also have no idea how to even transfer the pictures from their camera to their computer. They just don't get it. Until you back up the files, that memory card is like your photo negatives. If it's damaged or gets corrupted or you camera gets stolen, you don't have those pictures any more! Those original files are your negatives!
Also, just because a picture looks good on your computer screen, don't assume it will look like that when printed.


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Don’t Use Facebook for Photo Storage )

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Pros and cons to Facebook's fast-growing role in digital photography )


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