Mar. 1st, 2010

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Yup, movies & eating. That's pretty much all we did all weekend.
Saturday we planned to see The Crazies w/Romeo, Tom, & Tom's son James. Since the Rosedale theater was the most central & Rick, Romeo & me headed over and had lunch at Big Bowl first.
We all really dug The Crazies. In the lobby afterwards we all decided that we should do a double feature and see Cop Out. Because so many people will just hop into the next movie without paying if they want to do two, the theater should give you a discount if you buy a ticket to a second movie after just seeing one!
Anyway, Cop Out was also excellent. Afterwards we dumped the kid off at home and went to Applebee's for some snacks & drinks. I always order a Mudslide there, thinking it will be really yummy, then I drink it and realize I just paid too much money for a drink that I can't even taste the Kahlua in! We just did appetizer samplers there.
Then this morning started with brunch at the Edina Grill w/Romeo, Shaya, Curt & Jeanine. More yummy food! We all stopped at Jeanine's afterwards to meet her new greyhound, Elvis. Such a handsome boy. Apparently he's also a bit of a klutz. He actually only ran in 2 races before being retired! He's red w/a black face, and is a couple inches taller than Zoe. Adorable!
The weekend was capped off by meat! Lots & lots of meat! Mark & Sarah had two extra dinner tickets for Fogo De Chao that she'd gotten through her work. Only good for tonight at 7:30, but super cheap. So much yummy meat! Also, the Brazilian beer I had, Xingu, was quite tasty!


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