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I hate men today! All men! No exceptions! (Except my adorable nephews, of course.)

And why does the HellZiggy hate all men today?

Because I have cramps and I'm miserable and cranky and men don't get cramps. So I hate you all! I think all men should get kicked in the balls once a month so that they suffer too!!!!
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Update on the saga of [livejournal.com profile] hellziggy's temp going from 95.4º - 99.5º:

I have ruled out thermometer error.

See, I figured thermometer error could be a very distinct possibility because the one I was using has the battery it came with; who know how fresh that is? Also, the box it was in says "not for human use."

Yes, I got it out of my canine first aid kit. What? I've never used it on an animal and I dipped it in alcohol before the first time I used it!

And yeah, I don't have any dogs, so what am I doing with a doggie first aid kit? It was cheap at the employee sale last year! It's got all the same stuff that would be useful in a human one, it's just all labeled not for humans. So I keep it in the trunk of the car. I figure if I ever need it in an emergency a non-human bandage, splint, etc. is better than nothing!

So I dug around by the bed for the "human" thermometer (which is almost identical!) It has a brand new battery but I hadn't been using it because Lump aparently decided the garbage can was a good place to store it, and I hadn't been arsed to look for it before now. Anyway, I took my temp with both thermometers at the same time and they both came back 99.5º. So, I have a fever. Hmmph. Don't want a fever!

But at least I don't have a weird doggie fever!
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I've been feeling craptastic all day. I've been having intestinal/poo "issues." I'm also super achy in my lower back/abdomin. Just generally feeling icky.
So I took my temp when I got home to see if i had a fever: 95.4º. Um, okay. According to Wikipedia 95.0º is hypothermia... So I sat on the couch for a little while w/a blanket and took my temperature again. 99.5º (which for me is a fever because my "normal" is 1 degree below normal.) WTF? And when I woke up this morning it was 98.3º. Apparently either my internal temperature regulator, or my digital thermometer is on the fritz!
I shall try not to freeze to death or spontaneously combust in the near future. But if I do, you've been warned!
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This just in! They have discovered a new specie of monkey!
[livejournal.com profile] technomonkey_m & [livejournal.com profile] gigglemonkey_b are actually a sub-species of the great & terrible Snot Monkey!!
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So, another CONvergence has come and gone...

Three days later and I still haven't caught up on reading LJ or posted about it myself. And it's not like I have work as an excuse... *sigh*

I really feel like I just lost the last few days. Monday was first spent sleeping in, then after only a few hours awake it was spent in a sleep coma to try to get rid of (or at least sleep through) cramps.

Unfortunately my right ear has pain off & on too, which I think means that the amoxicillan didn't really get rid of the infection.

A possible ear infection combined with PMS combined with lethargic depression at being unemployed probably contributed to the con having a weird vibe for me, as well as losing 2 days post con.

So right now I'm going to work on catching up on reading. Then I will post about con. Maybe not all things in that particular order.
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Hmmm. I spent the weekend in Vegas, and now that I'm home I had to go to the doctor and I'm on antibiotics.

That makes it sound like a MUCH wilder time than it really was.

The doctor said I probably already had the ear infection before we went and the airplane's pressure changes irritated it.
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Frak! I think I'm getting a UTI. Grrrrrrrrr.


Not getting, got! But the nice young boy who said he was a doctor but was far too young to really be one gave me antibiotics and so I'm feeling better.
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Went to urgent care. Rapid strep test was negative. It's not 100% though so the 24 hour one, which oddly enough takes a day to get the results from, may still turn up positive. I don't know yet at this point if I will be going to work tomorrow or not. I was feeling much better today, but the act of simply going to urgent care left me feeling wiped out. And if it does turn out to be strep after all I am still contagious. I guess we'll just see how I feel tomorrow morning.
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Apparently there was a Typhoid Strep Mary at Omegacon this year. Many people who attended are now laid up with Strep Throat. I'm home from work today.
Yesterday I was achy & had chills and by the time I went to bed my temp was up to 101.3. The temp is now down to a more normal but still slightly elevated 98.4.
Hellbob already had an appointment today at the doctor for some diabetes stuff, so I'm having him pick me up on his way by so that I can go with and get a strep test. I didn't have a sore throat yesterday, but I do today.


Nov. 15th, 2006 06:09 pm
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Dammit. My temp is 99.7 degrees. I know it looks like it's only 1 degree above normal, but normal for me has always been around 97.6-97.8 rather than the standard 98.6. Not a high temp by any means, but definitely an indication that I am sick. That and the "My whole body aches" thing.

it was getting steadily worse all day and so I told Pearl already that if I don't feel any better tomorrow I'll be staying home sick. I also told her to blame [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm... *grin* What? You were sick first!

And yes, I know that those Farenheit numbers mean nothing to the non-americans on my list, but I'm sick so you'll just have to deal with the conversion yourself!!


Nov. 15th, 2006 12:17 pm
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Please don't let me be getting sick!
I'm feeling crappy today. No sniffles or coughs or such, but I ache.
I just plain ache, all over.
My back, my abdomen, my neck, my shoulders... Abdomen could be mild cramps except that they would be at least 3 days after normal timing. Shoulder could be from spending so much time on the computer w/the Wacom tablet doing my homework that was due last night. My abdomen actually feels like I just did a bunch of crunches last night. I didn't. I can't think of any reason for being achy in so many places other than coming down with something. Add to that the the fact that [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm left work early this morning because she puked. Yes, this is the [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm who I spent a good deal of time with this weekend, including 3+ hours in the car & sleeping in the same room.
I just wanna go home and curl up under a blanky w/Lump cat.
In other news, had Type class again last night. Still haven't learned anything. Worst teacher I've had at MCTC, hands down. Hmmmm. Only 4 weeks left in the semester. We've turned in 3 projects, the last of which was turned in a month ago. Guess how many I know my grade on? If you guessed anything higher than ZERO, you already know more about teaching than her. It's just ridiculous to not have gotten ANY assignments graded yet!
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Yes, as the subject line indicates, it is "that time."

And why are men all evil and why must they die? Because they don't have to get cramps EVERY FRICKIN' MONTH!!

My tummy hurts and I just want to curl up on the couch with a hard cider and a blankie and a [livejournal.com profile] hellbob (before he dies, of course) and a Lump and a Gabe. Is that really so much to ask for?????????
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ugh. I feel just craptacular.
It's not my cold either, because that's just a bit of a runny nose.

I'm cold, and I feel shaky, and kinda queasy/nauseous. I haven't really felt good all week and I just assumed it was the weather change and the remnants of my cold, but this is more like flu, only not. ugh. And I'm at work. And I don't want to be.

So, what's new in a HellZiggy's life?
Not much.

Spring break's over, back in class this week.

I did take pics for [Bad username or site: hundred pics @ livejournal.com] yesterday, but didn't have a chance to upload them.

Last night I was well behaved and finished my homework before going on the internets to do my NCAA picks.
But... the internets went down. They just stopped working for no reason. I still had wireless signal and the diagnostic even showed connection to the internet. I just couldn't get anywhere. I suspect it had something to do with the snow.

I don't really like the logo I've got for class tonight, but I'm tired of looking at the damn thing.

Yesterday a plumbing gnome (who looks remarkably like my father) let himself into the house and fixed the laundrey sink drain. Everyone who owns a house should have a retired father who likes to fix things. :)

Nothing I'm listening to at work today is holding my attention. We're gonna try Coverville next. I'm 3 shows behind on listening to that, although I do have the database current, since I'm pretty sure the end of this month is when Brian has to submit a showlist for the licensing. I'm almost positive he has to do it quarterly, although it may just be twice a year instead... But the month ends on a Friday so I'll be able to get it to him that weekend.

Sandy is hooked and wants to play Killer Bunnies this weekend.


Jan. 25th, 2006 12:27 pm
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At work, but kinda miserable. I have a sore throat and a bit of congestion/snufflyness. Know why? Because I have a 4 day weekend and plans for said weekend. Bleh.

I've got school tonight - Interpersonal Communications. I may actually be available on AIM or MSN messenger though, depending on if I keep them open. They've really improved the wireless coverage since last semester. Really strong signals on all the floors now.

Having my laptop in class makes a world of difference in taking notes. She's got the powerpoints for her lectures out there on the student network, so I can pull that into word to start with an outline and just add my extra notes to that. And, unlike my handwriting, I can read it!

Finally done with my project for tomorrow. Having to do the illustration myself was a bitch! Luckily I don't have any problems using Illustrator, I just have problems with things like drawing a face that doesn't look retarded!

Getting closer to having the Christmas Groundhog's day letter & cards ready to go out. I'm just burning the last few CDs for those of you who get music. I've also still got to finish packaging up some dirty words to send to Iceland. :) I would imagine shipping to Iceland isn't any more expensive than England, is it?

Well, lunch is over. Back to the grind...
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Ok, so I've got this cold. Y'all know that by now. While picking up a prescription for [livejournal.com profile] hellbob yesterday I remembered to pick up some NyQuil and DayQuil cough syrup, as we were out of both.

As i was looking at the NyQuil bottles I noticed that they had this on the label:

and I remembered that I had read an article online about NyQuil not working anymore. They took the pseudoephedrine out of it.

Most of the Walgreens brand of it also had the PSE free tag too. There were a couple left that didn't and still had the PSE in it. I grabbed two of those. The DayQuil appeared to still be the good stuff so I grabbed a couple of those too.
After all, why would I buy a product that has had the effective ingredient removed?

With my armful of drugs I headed to the pharmacy to get [livejournal.com profile] hellbob's stuff. The pharmacist started ringing up my stuff, but the computer beeped at him. I was only allowed to buy two bottles of the stuff. PSE sales are limited because people are using it to make crystal meth. But to make it they need the pill form of it. Meth can't be made from NyQuil.

So NyQuil changed their formula so that their product would not be required to be behind the pharmacy counter any more. It was required to be behind the counter even though it couldn't be used to make the illegal drugs. The change in formula has prompted me to stock up on bottles of the stuff that have the old formula. I can't stock up on them because their sale is restricted.

What a frickin' pain in the ass!

Between being told I can't buy 4 bottles of cough syrup and the hassles I have to go through every month to get my Ritalin prescription the trips to the pharmacy seem to be trying to make me feel like some kind of drug addict. The irony is that I think I may be the only 35 year old in this country who has never smoked pot, not even once. Yet I keep expecting that on my next trip to the pharmacy to get the drugs I need, I'll have to sign my name to a list of suspected drug abusers.

*edit* The Minnesota Statute's latest ammendment is under here. Essentially there is a limit on how much you can buy, it is required to be kept behind the pharmacy counter, and the buyer must provide photo id w/date of birth & sign a document w/date of sale, name of buyer, & amount of drug bought. It also has a contingency that if the State Board of Pharmacy finds that PSE in gel capsule or liquid form can be used in the manufacture of meth they would require the same restrictions.

Lots of boring legal speak under here )
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"If the snow on the roof is too heavy, you see, the ceiling will cave in. His brains are in terrible danger."

All that wonderful beautiful snow outside and Hellbob is out snowblowing instead of me. And he's probably hating every minute of it. *pout*
I'm a twisted individual. I actually LOVE snowblowing. It doesn't hurt my back like shoveling, but you are moving enough to keep warm.
But, what with the army of Martian Death Flu monsters living in my lungs, it would probably be a bad idea for me to be out there doing it. So he is and I know he didn't want to.
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Better living through chemistry!
I've gotta say, it's much better being at work today with codeine than it was on Tuesday without!

Also, I never expected that I would ever use this mood choice, so this is the first time i've seen what firefly pic they picked to go with it...
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Didn't sleep much last night due to excessive coughing and pain. Called in sick to work and caught an extra hour of sleep before my doctor's appointment. As expected, "It's probably a virus." Although she did give me an antibiotic prescription and said that if things hadn't gotten better in about 3 days go ahead and fill that. But for now I just have my bottle of codeine cough syrup. My-y-y p-precious-s-s. Me loves my codeine. *clutches it to chest*
She also gave me a prescription for my Ritalin since she's my new dealer until I get a new shrink.
Now I'll be curled up for a while on the couch getting all rested for tonight's concert.


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