Jun. 24th, 2006 03:32 pm
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Last night's Serenity viewing was a good time!
[ profile] gunthar, [ profile] gingerpook, [ profile] lucky13charm, and LJ-less Becky, Tyler, Nissa, and Kris all showed up.
We all whimpered when Wash first said "leaf on the wind"

Mail call!

Jun. 6th, 2006 06:27 am
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Have we had this week's "Why we love [ profile] dakegra" post yet? No? Ok, I'll take it this week!

We ♥ [ profile] dakegra because we found an envelope from England in our mail box yesterday... It had a set of Serenity postcards from when the movie was released on DVD!!! He came across them while cleaning out his desk at work and thought that I could give them a good home.

Thank you Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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At the HellHouse 'Can't Stop The Serenity' charity screening I can serve folks Pit Bull and tell them that it is Mudder's Milk. Although I think Pit Bull tastes worse than Mudder's Milk is suposed to.
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Joss Whedon's Serenity on the big screen.
On Joss Whedon's birthday.
To benefit Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now.

31 Screenings Confirmed As Of June 03, 2006
Australia, Canada, United States

The Minneapolis screening: June 22, Minneapolis MN (USA) - Riverview Theater

But I'm too lazy to go all the way to a theater.
And I have a really big TV.
And I have a brand new comfy couch.

So, Friday June 23, Serenity charity screening at the HellHouse! I figure we can easily fit about 10 people comfortably.
Let's say about 7:30 or so.

Bring a donation for Equality Now and come watch the Big Damn Movie on my Big Damn Red Couch. $5, $50, $500, whatever amount you're comfortable with. Or you can PayPal a donation through the website.

Also, please RSVP so we don't get more people than will fit and so I can plan on how many people I will be feeding! To RSVP just reply in the comments here!

There are two ways to fight a battle like ours. One is to whisper in the ear of the masses, try subtlely and gradually to change the gender expectations and mythic structures of our culture. That's me. The other is to step up and confront the thousands of atrocities that are taking place around the world on an immediate, one-by-one basis. That's a great deal harder, and that's Equality Now. It's not about politics; it's about basic human decency.

- Joss Whedon

I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it

-Shepherd Book
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Geek babies!

[ profile] technomonkey_m & [ profile] gigglemonkey_b model the hottest headgear fashion in the 'verse. Shiny!

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What happens when you give a geek some knitting needles?

[ profile] lucky13charm named her new iPod Nano Jayne because I said I would make this:

More pics under the cut )

[ profile] lucky13charm, you can expect an interoffice delivery tomorrow!
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There are Chinese characters on the back of the Serenity Visual Companion.
They translate into English as "If you don't buy this book, your friends will think you are a dumb piece of meat. "

In other news, still at work, still feel like crap, still wondering how I can breathe after horking up both lungs.
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I woke up feeling vaguely snuffly. I sense an impending doom cold. Urgh.
Oh well, it happens at least once every winter.

It snowing today. As in great big-ass fluffy SNOW. So pretty! From the windows, at least... probably not so much from the roads.

Erik managed to procure us two of these. Yup, sitting on my kitchen counter right now I have bottles of sodapop in the flavors: Turkey & Gravy, Corn on the Cob, Broccoli Casserole, Smoked Salmon Pate, and Pecan Pie.

Jones Soda came out with the Turkey & Gravy flavor for Thanksgiving in 2003 and because of the overwhelming popularity they did a five flavor Thanksgiving pack last year. I didn't hear about it until it was impossible to find.

This year I thought there was no hope because I didn't hear about them until after they'd been out a few weeks but Erik had just seen the regional packs at his local SA so we asked him to get us two. One for me & [ profile] hellbob to open up and taste, and one for us to either hang onto as a weird novelty or to sell on ebay if the going price is higher than retail.

I got MonkeyCuddles yesterday!
After work I went right to [ profile] genevra's house and was climbed on by the GiggleMonkey and the TechnoMonkey.

[ profile] lucky13charm also joined us and we played with the twins and laughed at Serenity done by hand puppets. Since it is the plot of the Serenity movie, there are obviously spoilers in there!

We also listened to the sex music CDs because when [ profile] genevra looked at the list of songs on the one [ profile] mle292 made she was like "Weird Al? There's a Weird Al song on a sex mix?" So of course I said she had to listen to it, which led to us playing all three discs (although she had control of the remote so if she didn't care for a song she would skip to the next...)

And when talking about podcasts and also how much we all love [ profile] dakegra's voice & accent we discovered that [ profile] lucky13charm hadn't heard his reading of The Gruffalo, or the time he did a BeanCast. Yup, that little Eddie Bean has the cutest little voice, all British sounding and such. :)

And then I came home and slept and woke up all snuffley.

I don't have a husband this weekend because it is Geek Boy Gaming Weekend. [ profile] hellbob, [ profile] akdar, [ profile] mhuot, and many others are all huddled in front of their computers in [ profile] mhuot's basement eating junk food and shooting at each other.

Bleah. I feel like a nap.
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In lieu of actual content today I bring you Firefly Life Lessons.

From Firefly I have learned:

+ If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back.
+ To rob from the rich, and sell to the poor.
+ There's some things not to be mistaken for suggestions.
+ I can wear my pretty floral bonnet and still end someone.
+ To be respectful of other cultues; some people juggle geese, and that's OK with me.
+ Tearing the clothes off your spouse is work, work, work. But hey, someone's gotta do it.
+ That a stegosaurus and a T-Rex can never be friends.
+ Betrayal is sudden, but inevitable.
+ To swear in Chinese.
+ Nothin' buys bygones quicker than cash.
+ That nothin' into nothin'... carry the nothin'... is nothin'.
+ There's nothin' more deceivin' than a low-down dirty... deceiver.
+ When you and your crew arrive in the nick of time, that makes you "big damn heroes."
+ Not to ask for change when paying ransom on my friends.
+ That "sanguine" means both hopeful and bloody.
+ Never stop and ask a Reaver for directions.
+ Some technical terms need to be worded in "Captain Dummy Talk."
+ Sometimes a thing gets broke and can't be fixed.
+ Eating strawberries can be very erotic.
+ How to interrogate a buffet table.
+ Sometimes the voices in your head are right.
+ We are all dreaming.
+ No power in the 'verse can stop me.
+ Ironic humor can be lost on someone with a crush on you.
+ Telling a doctor his patient died, when it isn't true, is hi-larious.
+ "Companion" can be used as a verb.
+ "Whore" is just another way to say, "I love you."
+ You don't fix faith, it fixes you.
+ There is a "special level of hell" reserved for child molesters, and people who talk at the theater.
+ The bible is specific when it comes to killing, but a mite fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.
+ Even at the corner of "no" and "where," you are rarely as alone as you think you are.
+ If I'm still flyin', it's enough.
+ How you get there is the worthier part.
+ Doing the impossible makes us mighty.
+ There's good people in the 'verse. Not many, Lord knows, but you only need a few.

I stole this from [ profile] silentemotion who stole it from someone who stole it from

That is all. I'm going back to work now.
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Hey everyone! Isn't it just a beautiful Monday morning?

Ok. That's enough of faking that cheerful crap! My weekend was fair to mediocre. Friday was Serenity with [ profile] hellbob, [ profile] passaddhi, Passaddhi Roomate, [ profile] lucky13charm and a buncha people we ran into there like 7thstranger, mle292, squeaky, michaellee, frozendragon... (yes, I got tired of coding the funky lj name links! I'm at work, no LJ client, deal with it!)
The movie was Shiny & every bit as good as I remembered. Again, I do have a Serenity filter for any and all post/comments with spoilers. Anyone spoiling the movie in an unlocked thread on my LJ will be flogged. Unless they enjoy being flogged. Then the punishment will be to not be flogged. Anyway, if you've seen it and not seen a flocked spoiler post comment to be added to the filter. After the movie hellbob took his tired old but home and I joined mle, 7th, and crew at TGIFridays for post movie munchies & chatter wherein we discussed the furry's dream job, porn, and other wonderful things.
Saturday I felt like crap. Nothin' specific. No headache, nausea, etc. Just felt off. Slept most of the day. Apparently while I was sleeping hellbob talked to me on three separate occasions and I have absolutely NO recollection of it. We're talking beer/Yukon Jack/Tequila/other stuff all in one night levels of no recollection. (Without the drinking, or hangover)
Sunday I was feeling a bit better but still no energy. I did fold & put away laundry. Hellbob will tell you that this is an amazing feat in and of itself.
And now it's Monday. And I'm at work. And I don't want to be.
But I think I am going to join the [ profile] photo_speakeasy crew for some shooting tonight maybe. And tomorrow is school, and Wednesday I'm going to a free preview of W & G Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Thursday I'm going to a free preview of Waiting... and then it is Friday.
I have to get my butt going on my next photoshop assignment. The assignment is "movement." I've got some ideas I'm working on... I also have to finish my Toronto recaps. All I have left is the last day in Toronto & the drive home, so just the one post. Then I will likely go backdate the entries so they are grouped together.
Now, lunch is over, back to work!
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If you've seen Serenity and you don't see another post immediately following this one, let me know and I will add you to the Serenity filter.
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OK everyone. [ profile] hellbob & I are just too freaking old to go to a midnight movie on Thursday, so we're gonna go on Friday night.
Southdale theater.
7:25 show.
Who else is gonna be there?
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Joss posted a message yesterday on the Browncoats message board:
Posted: 27 Sep 2005 2:22 pm
Post subject: We few, we happy few...
Well boys and girls and boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as Kaylee, the time is almost upon us. This Friday we take that old rust-bucket out of the shipyard and see if she can breach atmo. It's been a long (to paraphrase a band I like) strange trip, and it'll be nice finally to show everybody what it is we've been tinkering with all this time. You already know you have my thanks, from the hardcore fans to the softcore... fans.... let me try that again. From the people manning the booths, buying DVD sets for their friends, getting banners seen everywhere on Australian TV, raffling artwork for ticketholders (Adam Hughes, take a bow), to the most casual fan who just wants to see the flick and won't ever even read this. You guys are the fuel in the engine, the Fire in the Fly, the weird green stuff coming out of Serenity's butt. (Hmmm. Forget that last one. I'm a little bit out of control here.)

Everyone needs something to keep them going. Mal has his ship. Zoe has her integrity. Jayne has Vera. And I've got you guys.

So what now? There have been so many posts about seeing it, seeing it again, the first weekend, the second weekend, being enthusiastic without being obnoxious (and yes, it IS hard to see over the pom-pom of a Jayne hat), buying tickets in advance, making a noise... I honestly wouldn't know what to add. I can tell you this: the movie will play in about 2200 hundred theaters, which is a good number. Too many, and you get empty theaters with no energy -- not enough, and you get, well, not enough. It may be hard to find in some areas but it'll be out there. Leave no multiplex unturned! This is going to be a ground war, peeps -- we have to hold the valley for a long while. However it opens, it needs to HOLD. Instead of the Alliance we'll be fighting viewer apathy, fear of something new, the urge to wait for DVD, and Jessica Alba in a bikini. (Although I have it on good authority that she spends 90% of the film in a huge wooly parka. Make sure that gets out.)

The day this puppy opens, I'll be seeing it with my family (don't worry, there's a lot of them, and they're all paying) and then I'm off to Europe to learn the word 'Browncoats' in nine different languages -- 'cause like I said, it's all about holding. I'll never be far from a computer, though, so I can check in with y'all. Thanks for every damn thing.

And remember, amidst all the urgency to make this an event, all the work and the worry, to take two hours and just enjoy yourself. That is, after all, what all this fighting's about.

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From [ profile] blond_bear and [ profile] kokopellinelli when you see this on your friends list, quote Firefly:

Mal: Kaylee, what the hell's going on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?

and because I saw it twice, I'm gonna do two quotes...

Jayne: So, like, never?
Book: Well, no.
Jayne: Not ever, never?
Book: Some orders allow shepherds to marry, but I follow a narrower path.
Jayne: But you still got the urge. They don't... cut it off or nothin'?
Book: No, I'm more or less intact. I just direct my energy elsewhere.
Jayne: You mean like masturbatin'?
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Part the First here
Part the Second here

Still on a fangirl squee-filled high we headed on up the escalator to see who was upstairs signing autographs. The two tables right straight ahead from the escalator were the two non-Marsters folks I was most interested in: Adam Baldwin and Kevin Sorbo. It was cool the way they had it set up with the lines coming from around the backs of the booths so that the walkways didn’t get too crowded. There was a little bit of a line for Adam, but not too bad. I’m guessing that everyone who headed from his panel right up to the autograph line had already gone through.

As with most of the folks there, he was charging for autographs, but that didn’t stop us! [ profile] lucky13charm & I had the Serenity mini posters from the Minneapolis screening that Ron Glass had already signed, and [ profile] blond_bear had one from a Toronto screening that Sean Maher had “signed.” When she put that down for Adam to sign he looked at the illegible squiggle & said “Who is that? That’s Sean, isn’t it?”

The three of us proceeded to tell Adam that we’d all seen the movie twice and we couldn’t wait to get to see the finished film. I’m sure there was some more fangirl-ish blathering, but I couldn’t tell you what exactly. [ profile] lucky13charm & I also got our pictures taken with him, and for mine he was holding Moose, of course! I was surprisingly not nervous when talking to him. Probably because of my James encounter.

After meeting Adam we contemplated going through the line for Kevin Sorbo’s autograph, but at that point he was leaving to take a quick break. So we made our plans with BB to meet the next morning and we headed on back to the hotel. I hopped on the net to post my “OMG! James smiled & called me love” entry, and then since I was too wired to think about sleeping yet anyway I grabbed [ profile] lucky13charm’s TicketBastard ticket to go exchange it for her, and wandered back to the convention center with camera, but no moose.

Once the ticket had been successfully exchanged I decided to head upstairs to see if there was anything interesting going on. Kevin was back in his booth, and there wasn’t much of a crowd at this point, so I stopped by to see if I could get a picture. Even though I didn’t have my cash on me, so I couldn’t buy one of his photos, he was really nice & gracious. After we were talking about Minnesota for a little while I was going to take his picture & he insisted that I should be in it too and had his assistant take the picture. (For the most part, the assistants just helped with crowd flow & money taking. There weren’t taking pictures for people.)

There aren’t too many people who turn out to be taller than they look on tv, but he’s one of them! At this point I decided that it was time to call it a night and I headed back to the hotel with a it stop to grab my pillow & blanket. Back in the room [ profile] lucky13charm & I threw the DVD of James’ 2004 Halloween concert & Q & A session in the laptop & settled in to watch the question session. I already knew at this time that I was going to be asking him about the Guthrie theater, but [ profile] lucky13charm had no idea what, if anything, she would be asking. Sleep started taking over so we set the alarm and crashed.
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Some of you out there just got to see the finished cut of Serenity tonight... Looks north, pining with jealousy. Anyway, it was a first viewing for at least one of you, so I've got you added to my filter now, [ profile] hazeldean. If there are any of you who have seen Serenity, and you don't see a Serenity post following this one, let me know and I'll add you to the filter.
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OK, awake now. Maybe slightly more coherent... *grin*

Did I mention yet that James talked to me?
Did I mention yet that he smiled?
Did I mention yet that he called me love?

OK, there's other people here too. Adam Baldwin we doing a Q & A in a room that was waaaaay to small for him. So we were out in the hallway. i did the hold the camera over my head thing to take some pictures.
This is where we started talking to a girl who was standing there with us, and where we heard that James would be coming down that hallway at some point. Found out she was a fellow LJer. We chatted as we waited for the Adam Baldwin room to clear out so we could get a closer look at him. Then, as we had nothing better to do, we hung out waiting to catch a glimpse of James and to also possible take a photo. You might have heard about the rest... *grin*

So since [ profile] blond_bear was a Toronto native we decided to follow her whether she liked it or not! *grin* Also, she actually already knew where some things were, like where to exchange our Ticketmaster ticket for the real thing, and where the autograph areas were and stuff.

After much retroactive squeeing over our James encounter we got our James tickets for tomorrow. Then we headed upstairs and got in the Adam Baldwin line. I got his autograph added to my Ron Glass one, and then guess who got his photo taken with him? Yup! Moose! And me too!!

Kevin Sorbo was right there in the booth next to Adam. I didn't talk to him then, but I did later.
Hey, [ profile] genevra, I touched Kevin Sorbo!!!!!!! And chatted with him for a little while. About things like how good the food is at Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka. And I got my picture taken with him.

OK. Time for breakfast! More later!
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Home from the second viewing of Serenity.
Checking out the threads to see where the stars went. None were here.
Sean Maher (Simon) was in Toronto
NJ had Morena (Inara)
Houston had Summer Glau (River)
Rumor had it that Joss was going to the Riverside, CA showing.

Also, a quick scan of ebay completed auctions for Serenity tickets I only saw one Minneapolis sale. Two of the people who were in the theater with us paid $61.25 per ticket! It was a good movie, but I know I wouldn't have paid that!

I'm very tired now. Will update my Serenity Spoilers filter tomorrow so that I can post about how Darth Vader is Mal's father without ruining it for y'all who haven't seen it yet.


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