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An article about Facebook & Photo Storage
and An article about Facebook's fast-growing role in digital photography

I've had people bring in files that were saved off Facebook to try to get prints and the quality is crap.

From one of the articles:
It's also troubling that most users aren't aware that uploading a picture to Facebook -- and then deleting it from your camera -- means you've lost the original image for good. According to a recent survey from market research firm InfoTrends, fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution. This is probably because Facebook photos look just fine on a computer screen. But when they are printed, the images cannot be cropped or enlarged without looking blurry.

I see it all the time at work. People will bring their memory card in to get stuff printed, but they won't want the pictures burned to a CD but they also have no idea how to even transfer the pictures from their camera to their computer. They just don't get it. Until you back up the files, that memory card is like your photo negatives. If it's damaged or gets corrupted or you camera gets stolen, you don't have those pictures any more! Those original files are your negatives!
Also, just because a picture looks good on your computer screen, don't assume it will look like that when printed.


Article text under the cut.
Don’t Use Facebook for Photo Storage )

The other article's text under the cut.
Pros and cons to Facebook's fast-growing role in digital photography )
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Do you have super adorable or incredibly awesome Christmas pictures?

Would you like them used for public display with absolutely no compensation to you whatsoever?

Our Christmas Photo Card examples at work have to be redone because some of them on the display have the owner's daughter's ex-husband. Since I'll be doing the printing, I'll be picking the photos to use. Of course I'll be using some cute little Monkeys, and Mr. Gabriel Cranky-Pants and Miss Lump. But it would probably be good to have a variety of pictures.

Like I said, no compensation (other than my gratitude) because these are just for an in-store display to show which designs we have. Since the cards are 4x8 size, with a photo area of 4x6, the photos should be about 1800x1200 pixels.

If you have shots you'd like me to consider using, you can either give me a link to an online version with enough pixels, or email it to [username]@gmail.com.

Thank you!!!!
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But if it lets you, go vote for my picture. :)

Vote for my photo!vote
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I was on a photography site a few weeks ago (This site) and I really liked the album software he was using. I just really dug the look of the site and the way the photos were presented.
So I followed a tiny link on the bottom of the page and found that JAlbum is a free software that works for both Mac & PC, and has limited space for their free users on their server, but that you can also use it to upload the album to your own server space.
I'm just experimenting now with the way it looks, but I plan to use it just for my "art" photos, not for any of my real life family/friends type photos. My eventual goal is to use it for all my photos that are of high enough quality to sell.
I'm using the JAlbum free space right now, but I will eventually move it over to the Dreamflyte website.
If you wanna take a peek the little bit I've done is here: Hey look! It's a link that works!

Dammit, comments say the link's not working! Let's try again with the link they emailed to me...
Ok, it appears we have a working link now. Yay!
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For a friend's weekly photo keyword challenge:

importunate \im-POR-chuh-nit\, adjective:
Troublesomely urgent; overly persistent in request or demand; unreasonably solicitous.

Yeah, that word pretty much sums up Gabriel!


You can tell by his emaciated form that we *never* feed him!
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Time got away from me this year and I didn't get a calendar ready to go before Christmas, but better late than never!

I've got 3 different calendars this year.

You can get all of them here: http://www.lulu.com/sharonsnyder

The details:
They are $14.00 each.
Printed: 26 pages, 11" x 8.5", coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink.
12 months, January 2008-December 2008.

They have American holidays, but if you are in another country and want one with your holidays just let me know which one and I'll put up a duplicate version with your country's holidays.

The subjects of the three are Birds, Butterflies, and Zoo Portraits.

Here are preview pictures of all the images:

And if you want to see larger versions of any of the pictures you can find them HERE
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Well, I actually thought about putting stuff in for consideration for the Fine Arts gallery at the State Fair before actually going to the fair.
Turns out the registration deadline was July 9th.
Maybe next year I'll even think of it early enough to enter!
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Does anyone feel like spending $1000 on me?
I've got this lens for a week and I soooo desperately want to keep it. But I also have no way to justify buying a lens that costs more than my camera.
I was all bundled and layered today when I headed out to the zoo, and I didn't even get to go see tigers because they closed the Northern Trail because of the weather. :( I ended up doing the Tropics Trail instead.
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Well, I've got two different sized versions of my calendar up on lulu.com now.
Much as I'd love to tell y'all to run out and buy them now, I've only just ordered copies for myself as proofs, so until I see the finished product in person I can't vouch for quality. But if you want to check them out anyway the link is here. In just over a week I should have actual physical copies of both. Of course they are likely to show up while I'm in LA...



Jul. 5th, 2006 11:48 am
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I am starting to figure out which pictures to use for the First Annual Calendar of HellZiggy's Photography.

Calendars generally use horizontal pictures.

Most people shoot the majority of their pictures horizontally because that is the way the camera is.

I'm apparently a freak. I would say that I do about 50% of my pictures vertically. 

Since I can't just pick only 12 pictures that I like anyway, I think I'm going to have to design each calendar page using 2 or 3 pictures... Then I can use some of my verticals since many of them are my favorites.

Anyhow, if you want to see what some of the pictures I'm considering (and put your two cents worth in on which ones you like) I've got a temporary gallery of them all grouped together here:  http://www.dreamflyte.com/gallery/temp

*edit* [profile] mcbarnes1970 gave me a good idea. Drop a comment right into the gallery for the ones you like. :) And of course, mention here that you did so I know to go look, and because I'm a comment attention whore. *grin*
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So, since Lulu.com makes it so easy for a person to self publish, I'm thinking of putting together a calendar of some of my photos and then making money off of my family, friends and minions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me which of my pictures are your favorites.

The photo galleries that I'm mainly going to pick pictures from are these:

Nature photos This one includes sub-albums of zoo, birds, animals, etc.
NaPiTaMo These are the pictures from when I did a picture a day last November.
100pic These are my recent pictures from the last 62 days for the 100 pics challenge.
Of course, any other pictures out there that you just love are fair game too...
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I will remember to leave at 3:30 today. I will!!!

Today's wildlife sighting: 3 (possibly 4) deer. And I got me some good pictures I think. I don't have my Compact Flash reader here at work though so I can't move the pics to my laptop. Silly Sharon!

Holy Cow did it rain last night! [livejournal.com profile] hellbob mentioned something about building an arc but I reminded him that we live on top of a hill. We did not float away.

I caught up on Veronica Mars. I had to resort to tivoing the Sunday episode so that I can catch House also. When Logan does his puppy eye thing? *whimper* Of course he's way too damn young for me!!

I'm still behind on my Smallville watching. I just watched "Mercy" last night which was the Lionel/Martha episode and it was really good. The next one up has lots of Fine/Brainiac though I think!!!!!!!!

In theory I will also have some more flower pictures and some more bird pictures up in the gallery tonight. And, of course, deer!

I stopped at the bird pond again yesterday. Saw the green heron again. Also a Wood Duck, a Mallard, and I chased an egret around the pond. Maybe I'll try to actually stop there sometime when it's NOT raining so that I can just sit down and wait to see what comes. :)

Thank the gods this is a short day - only 8 hours - because I'm ready to leave NOW!!

Photo pimp!

Jan. 4th, 2006 12:04 am
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Mr. [livejournal.com profile] dakegra, esq. has formed a new LJ community that all you photographer types should check out.

It is called [livejournal.com profile] hundredpics, and it's pretty simple. You take a picture a day and post it for 100 days. If you skip one you start over.

He just created it today, so it doesn't have any rules yet. I don't know if you have to do your posting on the same day or if you just have to take the picture each day. I'm planning to do it at some point but not right now. This is a horrible time of year for me photographically because it is dark when I get to work and it is dark when I leave. bleah. When the world lightens up I'll give it a go.


Dec. 12th, 2005 01:41 pm
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One of the girls here at work just came over a little while ago to tell me that there's a bald eagle in the tree across the pond. I had my camera with me (and the telephoto lens!) so I shot a couple pictures of him. I'll upload them tonight when I get home. I just love the wildlife I get to see here at work.
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OK, so everyone I know is doing NaNoWriMo, or at least it seems like it. I don't write, so I'm feeling left out. When I saw that [livejournal.com profile] nicepersonality is doing NaSoAlMo instead it got me thinking.
I've decided to do NaPiTaMo. National Picture Taking Month.
Since I just thought of it today I missed the first, but it's only the second, so starting today I am going to take at least one picture each and every day for the rest of the month and post it. No guarantees of quality if I have no inspiration that day. I'm sure there'll be at least one day that you are subjected to pictures of one of my cats.
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It's a picture spam post! I was out at the zoo today taking pictures to use in one of my Photoshop assignments for school.

You know I have to start with the obligatory tiger picture!
This one is Nika:

Guess what? There are more pictures under the cut. Go on. You know you wanna. Click click click click... )

And, as always, you can find all the pictures at dreamflyte.com
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I'm going to the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday.

Anyone wanna go with me?

I'm planning on getting there pretty close to opening time. I thought the zoo opened at 10, but it actually opens at 9. I don't know if I want to get there quite that early.

One of the reasons I'm going is to get some photos that I can use for my photoshop class, so anyone who goes with will have to put up with my photo-geekery. Also, you would have to be willing to watch the tigers for at least 15 minutes because I wuv puddy tats!
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Broke out of my "I don't like to talk to people I don't know" and "New people scare me" shells last night & went to the [livejournal.com profile] photo_speakeasy shoot. Met [livejournal.com profile] yaaren, [livejournal.com profile] spikenheimer, [livejournal.com profile] eatstoomuchjam, and [livejournal.com profile] frozenrhino. Wandered around trains & deserted grain elevators taking pictures, and then food & chatting at Baker's Square. It was fun. And even though they were new people they weren't scary. :) I'm just not used to meeting people when there isn't someone I already know there.
I was regreting not bringing the film camera to shoot some B&W too, but at the same time it was nice to only have to carry one camera body.
I'm sure I'll post some pics later.
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Hey everyone! Isn't it just a beautiful Monday morning?

Ok. That's enough of faking that cheerful crap! My weekend was fair to mediocre. Friday was Serenity with [livejournal.com profile] hellbob, [livejournal.com profile] passaddhi, Passaddhi Roomate, [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm and a buncha people we ran into there like 7thstranger, mle292, squeaky, michaellee, frozendragon... (yes, I got tired of coding the funky lj name links! I'm at work, no LJ client, deal with it!)
The movie was Shiny & every bit as good as I remembered. Again, I do have a Serenity filter for any and all post/comments with spoilers. Anyone spoiling the movie in an unlocked thread on my LJ will be flogged. Unless they enjoy being flogged. Then the punishment will be to not be flogged. Anyway, if you've seen it and not seen a flocked spoiler post comment to be added to the filter. After the movie hellbob took his tired old but home and I joined mle, 7th, and crew at TGIFridays for post movie munchies & chatter wherein we discussed the furry's dream job, porn, and other wonderful things.
Saturday I felt like crap. Nothin' specific. No headache, nausea, etc. Just felt off. Slept most of the day. Apparently while I was sleeping hellbob talked to me on three separate occasions and I have absolutely NO recollection of it. We're talking beer/Yukon Jack/Tequila/other stuff all in one night levels of no recollection. (Without the drinking, or hangover)
Sunday I was feeling a bit better but still no energy. I did fold & put away laundry. Hellbob will tell you that this is an amazing feat in and of itself.
And now it's Monday. And I'm at work. And I don't want to be.
But I think I am going to join the [livejournal.com profile] photo_speakeasy crew for some shooting tonight maybe. And tomorrow is school, and Wednesday I'm going to a free preview of W & G Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Thursday I'm going to a free preview of Waiting... and then it is Friday.
I have to get my butt going on my next photoshop assignment. The assignment is "movement." I've got some ideas I'm working on... I also have to finish my Toronto recaps. All I have left is the last day in Toronto & the drive home, so just the one post. Then I will likely go backdate the entries so they are grouped together.
Now, lunch is over, back to work!


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