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So what exciting things did I do tonight?
Laundry! Yay! Fun!

And, of course, as soon as I was done...

... Gabriel decided to make himself comfortable.

One of my favorite t-shirts:
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This is my desk at work.
Noteworthy items:
TWO Serenity posters, the North American on I got in Toronto and the UberCool British one that [livejournal.com profile] dakegra sent me.
Pictures of the Cutest Twins Ever.
Gargoyle pen holder from [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm.
There is a stuffed moose who's job it is to hold my iPod so I can see the screen.
The desktop wallpaper was made by me using one of my pictures of Lana at the MN Zoo.

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I didn't leave the house today and when I said I was going to order pizza for dinner, [livejournal.com profile] dakegra said to take a picture of my pizza, so here ya go!

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Lots of good food today...

and here's some of the family
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[livejournal.com profile] shrique's wife just got back from Australia and she brought this pretty money with weird see-through plastic parts in it.

This morning's sunrise wasn't as spectacular as yesterdays, but it was still pretty. As with yesterday's, this was taken in the car while driving to work.

And this one is especially for [livejournal.com profile] dakegra. He had asked about American flags in an earlier post and was wondering if they really are everywhere like on tv. Dave, this picture was taken in the grocery store parking lot! Does that answer your question? :)

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The sunrise on my way to work this morning was AMAZING! It was all bright pink and orange and had ripply clouds and stuff. See:

Don't worry, I was parked at a stop light when I took that one.

This next one is crooked because I was driving, so I couldn't look through the view finder while taking it:

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Dammit! I didn't take any pictures yesterday. :(
But we've got cute babies for you today.

We have the boy twin, TechnoMonkey:

And the girl twin, GiggleMonkey:

And Fizgig, the ferret:
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Went to Kip's Irish Pub last night for a friend's birthday. Rick drank beer:

And here's the birthday girl:
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My front door:

And I really can't help myself. I have cute cats and so I have to take pictures. After all, the whole reason the internet exists is for pictures of cute animals, and for porn.

And this one isn't a great picture. I just shot it to document that OMG! Gas for less than $2.00/gallon!
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My nightly commute includes Hwy 494, aka Construction Hell!

And this is just a fun one to show y'all just how chilly it got today:

and to translate for the non-Americans out there, 17 degrees Fahrenheit is the same as -8.33 degrees Celsius.

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At least it's not snow...
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I forgot to take a picture yesterday. :(
I was so busy dealing with and uploading the weekend pictures that I didn't even realize that I had forgotten.

So, here are some of the pictures from the walk on Saturday.

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I did indeed take pictures every day. But I do not currently have the energy to decide which ones to put out on the server. I'll do it tomorrow.


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