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Stoopid technology!

The cord for my Wacom tablet has a loose wire in it, so I need to have it replaced. I was hoping to just order the part and do it myself like I did with my old tablet, but the Intuos3 cord isn't one I can change myself. My old Intuos2, I could open the tablet, and the cord was plugged into the board. This one it's not connected w/a removable plug, therefore I can't do it myself. :( It's a simple thing for them, and it's only $52.50 for the part and the repair, but it means sending the tablet in & being without it for a week. Next best option is spending $200 for a new Intuos4.

There is a 3rd option which I might try: lop off the USB plug, cut another one off a cord we're not using, and see if I can splice them together. I should probably call first though to see if the $52 repair price still stands if I send the tablet in w/out the USB end of the cord (I'm not under warranty, so it's not voiding one).

And my MacBook Pro... I just upgraded to Snow Leopard on Sunday night. It's been long enough, there shouldn't be any issues, right? Urg. Apparently Snow Leopard can break your ability to access servers via smb. There are two I access at work, the kiosk & the upload. After my upgrade I can still access the kiosk the way I always could, but I can't connect to the upload at all! Guess which one I use maybe once a month or so, and which one I use every day?!?!

Since it's my personal laptop, and not a work one I probably wouldn't care, except that the computer I have access to at work for transferring files and such is incredibly sloooooooow. Remember these iMacs:
Yeah, it's one of those. It can't be upgraded past Tiger, and the USB ports are all 1.0.
One-point-fricking-oh!!! Do you know how long it takes to transfer a DVD's worth of images from the desktop to a CF card at 1.0? So using my laptop for transfers keeps me from going insane.

I'm not noticing any speed improvement, and I've had some programs randomly crash. I think I'm gonna pull out my Leopard discs tonight and downgrade back to that. At least this OS upgrade was only $29 instead of $129. I wonder if I can return it? Probably not.

All my lovely shiny toys are annoying me today. Except my iPhone. That's still happy. :)
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At work we have both Macs & PCs. I noticed something when I was hooked in to the network the other day.
The Mac not only lists the other computers that are connected, but shows icons of what that computer looks like. I just noticed the other day when I saw the larger icons in the window: For the PCs, they all have the Blue Screen of Death. LOL!


I'm a Mac!

Nov. 13th, 2008 09:02 pm
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As a Mac user this picture makes me smile. Our president-elect uses a Mac, and he decorated it! I ♥ this. :)

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I got Bad Wolf back from Apple today. He's got a new hard drive and a new processor and a new audio card. OSX was installed fresh also.
So, since all his innards were replaced I got to try the Time Machine backup for the first time. Went slick as could be and he's back as good as new! Yay!
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I had to take Bad Wolf into the Apple store today. He had developed a high pitched whine. Even in the relatively crowded store, when I opened him up and then opened a program, the genius bar guy could hear it. That was nice! Usually when you go in you can't replicate your problem to save your life. I've also randomly had some weird screen pixilations going on, but I knew for sure I wouldn't be able to replicate that. Luckily I had some pictures I'd taken of the screen when it had happened previously so I could show him those.
Genius dude suspects that it may be the logic board. It's all still under warranty though. So no charge, just have to be without him for a few days. *sigh*
I'm back on Chiana for now.
I think it might be bedtime.
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Here he is, my new laptop!
As you can see, I went with the type block skin design.
I also deviated from my previous Farscape naming scheme and my shiny new guy's name is Bad Wolf.
Lump is not impressed.

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OK, LJ Peeps, time to give me your opinions. :)

I've got this spiffy new MacBook and he/she has no personality yet (no name yet either.) I'm thinking that I'll get one of those non-permanent laptop skins.

Here are pics of some that I'm considering. Which ones do y'all like?


Mar. 5th, 2008 10:06 pm
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I am posting this from my new shiny MacBook Pro! Yay!

Also, I repaired Chiana earlier today. She wasn't charging or running off the plug-in anymore, just battery. I ordered the part and changed it out myself. I basically had to open her up and remove everything but the hard drive and the CD drive. But I did it and got her put back together and she works! The wireless still doesn't work because that was a different part, but I did get her up and running again!

Now I just need to get stuff transfered from my other computer to this one.
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"Look, if you're gonna be popping up with this cryptic wise man act on a regular basis, can you at least tell me your name?"

Well, Apple went & did the same thing to me again that they did with Chiana.
I decided to get a new laptop. I specced them out to decide which one to get. Then they went and did one of their upgrades, so it is now a bit better than I thought I was getting!
She's been ordered and I should have her within a few weeks.

This is where y'all come in.

I need suggestions for the new computer's name. This is what she will look like:

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October 6, 2003.
That's almost 4 1/2 years ago that my shiny baby came to live with me. She is definitely feeling her age.
Her HUGE 60GB hard drive hasn't had less than 50GB used for a looooong time, and usually more like 55GB.
Her internal wireless gave out.
She's been through 3 different batteries, and a couple of power cords.
Now the AC input is starting to go again. Every now and then she'll start flipping between using battery and charging. When this happens, not only is the battery not charging, but it is also wearing down faster because of the switching. And the screen gets brighter or darker each time it switches. It's happening more frequently and it isn't worth the price to fix her with as old as she is.
As nice as the shiny new Macbook Pro I'll be getting will be, I really will miss using Chiana.
She was both my first laptop and my first Mac.
But, she's not quite dead yet, and the new one isn't ordered yet. But it is inevitable and will be happening in the near future.
*pets Chiana*

And of course, there is no one out there who can express geek feelings quite like Jonathan Coulton:

A Laptop Like You
Here you are at last
To bring my cold lonely soul sweet release
From my weary past
Always searching, the one missing piece was you
And I beg you, come away with me
And together we will find a place to call our own
I can’t wait to see what I can do
With a laptop like you

It’s not your CD slot
Or the Unix on which you are based
You make my lap hot
Cause underneath your aluminum case there’s love
And I forgive your strange one-button mouse
I forgive the way your keyboard leaves marks on your screen
I can overlook a fault or two
For a laptop like you

We will always be together
In love in spite of everything
Hang on tight through wind and weather
Heaven knows what time may bring

In a year or two
You will seem big and heavy and slow
I will carry you
To wherever it is laptops go to die
And don’t think it won’t be hard on me
How’m I ever gonna find a way to justify
The money I will spend on something new
For a laptop like you
For a laptop like you

The title is linked to a downloadable mp3 of the song. A Laptop Like You is released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. If you like the song, go give Jonathan Coulton some money.
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The good:
~Went out to Birdchick's "Birds & Beer" tonight.
~Met blog-stalker Fritz
~Sold one of my calendars without even trying
~Spanish class is fun!
~OMG I LOVED TORCHWOOD SO MUCH!!! There will be a squee filled reaction post soon (w/spoiler warning cut, of course.)

The bad:
~The external wireless card on my laptop may have gone kaput. I ran disk warrior, fixed permissions, etc and although the computer sees that the card is plugged in it doesn't do anything when I select "turn airport on." This may necessitate at trip to the Apple Genius Bar tomorrow.

The ugly:
~We switched from DirecTV to cable today. I haven't decided yet if I hate the interface or if I'm just not used to it.
~Because I haven't been online all day my flist is at about skip=100
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Well, I've had Leopard installed on Chiana for about 4 or 5 days now. Here are some of my early thoughts:

The Good:
I like the way the rounded corners on drop down menus look.

I also kinda like the new look of the dock.

The new Spaces function seems pretty nifty. Haven't really played with it yet though.

I like the "iTunes cover art" view option in finder.

I have to use an external airport card because my airport stopped working this last summer. I used to have to select my local network everytime I opened my computer back up. Since the upgrade it now remembers and reconnects me on its own, just like the real airport card did.

The Bad:
Blue Screen of Death after upgrading. Apparently the main cause of this is Application Enhancements (APEs), i.e. everything Unsanity puts out. The fix was easy to find and easy to do, but there were some moments of nervousness.

There are rumors that it doesn't play well with Adobe's pre-CS3 stuff. Hasn't been an issue for me yet. Let's hope it stays that way.

Both XJournal & Delicious Library didn't work the first time I tried opening them. A new versin of XJournal and a fix for Delicious Library were easy to find though.

The Ugly:
The opaqueness of the menu bar is annoying with many wallpapers.

I really don't like the new folder icons.

I hate the way it deals with folders on the dock. Instead of the icons I have assigned to folders, on the dock it is a teeny tiny thumbnail of the first thing in that folder alphabetically.

The Really Really Ugly:
Because I had to deactivate Candy Bar because of the BSoD my system icons I had changed are back to the Mac defaults. I can live with the boring waste basket if I have to, but my Finder! My Finder is now the stupid Mac square face again! *sob* For over 4 years I've had Spike with his killer cheekbones as my Finder icon. I don't like having the non-Spike square head!!!!

I'm sure there are other things that I haven't thought of... Oh well, I've got to get back to my homework!

Happy Mac

Nov. 3rd, 2007 02:42 am
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I can haz leppurd!
Well, I've got Chiana upgraded to the new OS X. When I first ran the upload last night I got the Blue Screen o' Death, but I did the terminal line fix that I found online and she's up and running now. I haven't had too much time to play with it yet, so I don't know what to think about it. It is shiny though!
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I dismantled Chiana today, looking for an easy way to get under the keyboard to clean her. Turns out that completely opening her up doesn't let you remove the keyboard. Well, now if I do ever upgrade to a bigger hard drive I'll know how...
So after putting her back together I instead pried off every key on the keyboard so that I could clean it. [livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I could build a kitten out of the cat hair that was in there. I guess cat hair in an unavoidable side effect of both the cat and the computer wanting to be on your lap at the same time.

The really wonderful thing about my 'surgery' on Chiana? My Ddddddddddd key appears to be working normally now! Yay!

[livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I actually went grocery shopping earlier tonight. Boy did we need to do that! Tomorrow night I'll be making huevos chorizo for dinner. Yummy!

Yesterday we went over to the MonkeyHouse to see [livejournal.com profile] genevra, [livejournal.com profile] akdar, [livejournal.com profile] technomonkey_m & [livejournal.com profile] gigglemonkey_b. My Monkeys are so cute and so smart!
When I asked [livejournal.com profile] technomonkey_m if he was a monkey he said that "No. I a shark!" So of course I had to tell him what a shark says: "Duh...duh...duh...duh...duh..duh..duh.duh.duh.duh" Hee hee!

After leaving the MonkeyHouse we went to Best Buy to get some new phones because our old ones just weren't working well. While there Hellbob made the mistake of letting me wander about by myself. I found the Serenity Special Edition, and Superman Doomsday. Of course, between work, school, and the new fall season I have no idea when I'll be able to watch either...

It's not just the D key. The whole keyboard in general seems to be working better. Who's a thought that keyboards shouldn't be insulated with cat hair?

Gotta love technology! On Friday I got a text message on my phone from [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco on her trip to Scotland giving me a kilt count! Someday I'm going to just have to bite the international rate bullet and call you, hon! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! :)

And now, bedtime. Good night boys & girls!
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Y'all HAVE TO put this movie into your Netflix queue now so that you can see it when the DVD comes out in October.
I just watched Fido last night and it was as absolutely wonderful as I had expected it to be. A nice charming movie about a boy and his zombie.

In other news, apparently apple released cool new stuff today, but I haven't been online enough to go look at 'em. Highlights I got via Twitter are iPhones had a HUGE drop in price after only 3 months on the market and there's now a 160GB iPod.

Well, in class now and I can only fake taking notes for so long, so I'm outta here for now.
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I'm getting a copy of the new iWork!
Brian kicks frickin' ass! He's giving it to me because of the work on the database that I do for him. Holy freakin' cow! His offer was sooo unexpected.
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Help! My computer has stopped connecting to the wireless.

I've had my laptop for 3 1/2 years now and just a few days ago the airport connection started going up and down. I thought the airport card might be loose so I pulled it out and put it back in. After that the computer wouldn't even see the card. I bought a new one today and the computer does see it, but when I can get the computer to see the wireless network the connection lasts for less than a minute.
I think I've tried everything on this post that will work for my system ( http://www.index-site.com/WIFI1048.html )
The router is a Linksys. My husband hasn't had any network problems with his Windows laptop or either of his Windows desktops.
The internet works fine for me when I use an ethernet cable, but I am going insane without wireless.
Any ideas on what causes this or what else I could try?
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So, weekend is over. I'm back at work. Bleah. 

Our party on Saturday was wonderfully crowded and folks seemed to be having a good time. 

OK, here's the list of who all came and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone: [profile] akdar, [personal profile] genevra, [profile] gigglemonkey_b, [profile] technomonkey_m, Cousin Dave, Don, Julie, Dalton, Halle, [profile] kaldeth, [profile] kalfoley, Anna, James, [profile] shrique, [profile] mhuot, Erik, [profile] gunthar, [profile] gingerpook, [profile] davidkingsley, [profile] kditzy, [profile] boliviafang, [profile] irishdragon, Mark, Darek, Nissa, Jeanine, Curt, Steve, Tammy, Ted, Emily, Dwan, Jennifer, their three kids, [profile] geohard, [profile] realsarah,  Chewbacca!, [profile] lucky13charm, [personal profile] michaellee, [profile] jmanna, [profile] mle292, and [profile] vanaabegra. I don't think I forgot anyone...

There was TONS of food and plenty to drink. We now know that [profile] boliviafang can exist outside the presence of the Nibleys. We did indeed weep pitiously a couple times at their absense, but then [profile] boliviafang & I toasted them with the yummy French cider that had been sent home from Chicago with me. 

The fire pit wasn't the usual draw that it is because of the chilly weather. WTF? We've had October BBQs that were warmer! 

Then on Sunday [profile] hellbob & I went to see 28 weeks later. Fun movie. NOT a zombie movie! It is a disease/outbreak movie regardless of how zombie-like the infected are. 

Now that the house is clean and we have chairs for our dining room table it is time to start having folks over for dinner and game nights! 
I think a Killer Bunnies night should happen in the near future. One where everyone already knows the game so we don't have to spend time teaching. :)

We are 2.5 weeks from Vegas! Yay! I'll have to send out an email to all who are going to get details settled on who is arriving when so we can arrange to get folks checked in and stuff. 

Some sad news. Chiana has to go to the Mac doctor today. She won't run off the power cord and the battery doesn't charge. This is the same problem that was repaired last October so they'd darn well better have a warranty on the part & repair! Grrrrrrr.


Jan. 29th, 2007 02:44 pm
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From UPS tracking:

Type: Package
Status: Delivered
Delivered on: 01/29/2007
12:58 P.M.

So I now have my very own copy of QuarkXPress. *sigh* I really don't like this program much. I prefer InDesign. But my Print Production 1 teacher is requiring us to use Quark for all our assignments this year. At least Quark is finally giving a decent student discount. When I took Quark about 2 or 3 years ago the studient version was over $400. I didn't buy it.
I'm just glad it showed up already so that I can finish my homework that is due on Wednesday.
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hey you mac folks out there...

Do any of you have knowledge of current prices for older used macs? These are the specs on one my neighbor has offered to me. Unfortunately he did the "make me an offer" thing and I have NO CLUE what something like this would go for!

Here's the specs on the Mac I'm looking to get rid of. It's a G4 AGP (Sawtooth model) dating back to 2000.

-1.2 GHz G4 processor (upgraded)
-960MB RAM
-60GB hard drive + 40GB hard drive
-12x DVD burner
-ATI Radeon 8500 AGP video card with 64MB VRAM
-2nd video card--I think it's an XClaim VR with a TV tuner that only works in OS9
-SCSI card that I haven't used in about 4 years
-OSX 10.3 installed

If any of you have any ideas of the price something like that should go for can ya please let me know?

Thank you!


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