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John McCain has a campaign store.

You can buy fine merchandise there, such as this pen:


Yup, with a pen like that you can be secure in the knowledge that no child will be left behind...

Well, they fixed it on the site. Wonder if the actual pens were already printed, and if they were printed correctly?

I still had the page open on my computer so I did another screen shot of the original, and then opened it in Firefox and did a screen shot of the new version.

What it looked like this morning:
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

What it looks like now:
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
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Geez! It's been just about forever since I did a link roundup of cool stuff.

ThinkGeek always has the coolest stuff! I want THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS, but THIS is just a little too weird for me!

If you use Gmail, they have added a really cool new feature: Custom Time.

Virgin founder Richard Branson comes up with some pretty nutty ideas sometimes, but this one actually sounds pretty cool: Virgle

Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the next Spider-Man movie. Spoilerific casting info under the cut )

And a not so cool link... Our LiveJournal overlords have appointed a new member to their advisory board.
Let the wank begin!

OK, day's almost over. Time to add the rest of the tags. Happy April Fools, y'all. Hope you didn't get Rick-rolled too many times!
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The Sci-Fi Channel has these useful survival tips that it plays in the Sci-Fi Saturday commercial breaks. They're pretty good.

If you successfully clone yourself
It will probably try to kill you.

Wishes can be dangerous
If you catch a leprechaun, kill it.

When building an army of mutant super-soldiers
Don't use the criminally insane.

Not all monsters want to eat you
Some just want your skin.

More good advice can be found under the cut... )
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It's been a while since I did one of these, but y'all made me giggle a lot today.

Someone knows too many people with the same name:

"I know one too many Aarons.

Which is to say I know two. And that's one to many.

One of you shall be nicknamed Fluffy from here on out. And I'm not telling
you which one of you has earned the moniker."

[livejournal.com profile] trollprincess is amused at work:

"I think my new favorite thing on the planet is when fighting breaks out at work and the lesbian and the vegetarian decide to break it up by shouting at each other:

Lesbian: 'Go eat a cheeseburger!'
Vegetarian: 'Oh, go suck a cock!'"

Someone on the flist has been reading too much slash fic:

"I see slash everywhere...even in cartoon animals

dude, so I was just flipping channels, flying through the 5 channels I receive here, and I had to stop and backtrack because....

there was this kid's cartoon, and all the barnyard animals were crowded around this sheep. and they were all staring at his ass. and the sheep was like...lying on the ground with his back arched like he was...presenting himself.

*dies of laughter*

I'm so dirty. I'm sure there was a perfectly innocent explanation but...I swear to god, it as like a farm animal gangbang waiting to happen. they all looked so intent on his ass, and the sheep was like...begging for it.

*smacks her forehead and crawls off in shame*

The joys of watching movies with family:

"Characters To Whom My Parents Referred During a Recent Viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Of Whose Existence I Was Not Previously Aware

1. Malory.

2. Cyril.

3. Nigel.

4. Dumbledorf.

5. Henry."

[livejournal.com profile] mle292 ponders icons:

"Currently, I have 61 icons.

Three are vomit related.

I still have quite a bit of room for more icons."

[livejournal.com profile] stoney321 rocked the Texas Master Gardener volunteer help line back in November:

"Well, I'm at the Master Gardener's office today, pitching in on the volunteer help line this morning. Wheeee! Here are some of the random questions I've gotten from the Public At Large:

"Can I shoot armadillos in my backyard?" Sir, you live in the center of a large metrpolis. If you want to go to jail, then by all means. Shoot away! ??

"Where can I find a cannon to get ducks off my lawn?" Seriously, this is the best one in the history of humanity. This man BOUGHT A HOUSE ON A LAKE. And doesn't like ducks on the bottom half of his four acres. So he's gonna set up a CANNON. And he's all crotchety and curmudgeon esque. Good lord, get a dog.

"Is it a problem that bees are 'growing' in my house?" Okay, this is actually tricky one. Does he mean a HIVE is growing? Because yes, that's an expensive problem best handled ASAP. Or does he mean he has MUTANT BEES in his house? Because he needs to see the guy with the cannon and ducks. Or the armadillo cowboy.

"How can I stop my oaks from making acorns?" Cut the tree down. DON'T PLANT OAK TREES. What???

"My grass is turning brown and dying. What can I do?" Um, wait until March. We live where grass dies in winter. I can't stress how panicked this guy was. OMG my grass!! MY GRASS!!!

from a walk-in: "How do I crack black walnuts?" He had a huge sack of walnuts, which I guess we were going to need for all of our experiments. I imagined some Rube Goldberg type contraptions involving the various taxidermied animals here for the Animal Control office, pruning sheers, and the cases of butterflies. Instead, I just told him to get a hammer. The contraptions would have been more fun, especially since I would have made the Pee Wee's Big Adventure music."

[livejournal.com profile] stoney321 has more tales of the funny from the Master Gardener's office:

"I was here at the MG office training a newbie and the man was in his late 50s. And posed in a nude calendar of other "elder gardeners." AND KEPT TRYING TO SHOW ME. Wtf, people??? *cries* I DO NOT WANT TO SEE 87 YEAR OLD MEN WITH A STRATEGICALLY PLACED WHEELBARROW IN SEDUCTIVE POSITIONS!

Oh, laws, will this year never end??? Hahaha. Ew. OH!! One last thing, and it's HILARIOUS, and I forgot, dammit. BEST CALL IN QUESTION EVER: "How do I get rid of 30 acres of marijuana?" *boggles* Answer I gave: well, that depends. DO you want to make a profit? And how well do you know your local law inforcement? WOW."

[livejournal.com profile] swmbo's cat, swmkit, apparently has plans for her:
"Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and I heard a noise from the stairs-by-the-kitchen. I looked over to see swmkit coming *up* from the kitchen, carrying a knife in his mouth. A sharp knife, the kind used for vegetable cutting.

A knife. In his MOUTH.

I just...I just...

Seriously. WHY, swmkit, WHY?!"

[livejournal.com profile] swmbo works at a place she calls LutherCorp and I WANT TO WORK THERE! Alas, it is not in Minneapolis. Here are some of her recent work happenings:

"So, ok, the fact that it is an open bar and it starts at 6:30 which means I can probably make my escape by like, 9 (right?! Before the Karaoke starts?! PLEASE?) means that I will go to the dang Christmas party.
(Last year there was pumpkin soup but it was at the end of the buffet, after the meat and with no bowls near it, so everybody thought it was gravy and put it on their mashed potatoes. Except swmbo, because she doesn't usually put gravy on her mashed potatoes. TRUE STORY!! It was apparently faintly sweet and very weird. So I'm already scared!)"

"hello, Monday is my BIRTHDAY and if people aren't celebrating, well, there will be a PRICE to PAY. I'll send swmkit over to your house with a knife clutched between his teeth, don't think I won't!"

"I currently have one nerf gun pointed at me and one 'usb-powered rocket launcher' pointed at me. NOBODY SHOULD GIVE COWORKERS WEAPONS FOR CHRISTMAS, OK?!"

"We're doing our celebrity death watch and I have to come up with my ten. Normally I go for the Golden Girls, on the theory that there could be a reunion special with a freak accident. (Yes, it's sick and morbid. NO I DO NOT CARE!). Except apparently the key to living a long life is to be picked by me to be put on the list. "

It's not a funny flist post without an appearance from the lovely (and sex-obsessed) [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco. Just another family dinner for her:

"Dinner with mum and the whole sibling+mates+kids deal:

Mum: So I was thinking of doing the gingerbread next weekend. If you bring the kids over then you can get a little time for yourself.
Sis: Do some x-mas shopping
Hubby: Catch a movie.
Me: Catch a quickie.
Everyone: Felis!
Me: What? With two kids you gotta grab every opportunity.
Sis: Haha. So what movie are you gonna see?
Me: Casino Royal. Hey, we can catch a movie and a quickie. If we sit in the back row.
Everyone: Felis!
Me: What?


Mum: So maybe I'll invite your inlaws to dinner. Have an inlaw night. The sons and daughter inlaw and their parents.
Me: So just the inlaws? Not us, your children? What are we supposed to do then? Hey, we can go see Casino Royal!
Brother: I'm not going to a movie with you! No one is ever gonna want to go to a movie with you ever again.
Me: *pouts*
Hubby: And you know, he's been to the movies three times last week. *eg*
Me: *grins* What movies again?
Brother: Very funny. Börn and Mýrin (Icelandic movies) and Casino Royal with my friend XXXXXX.
Me: Did you remember to bring home fish?
Brother: *chokes from laughing*
Everyone else: Felis!
Me: What? *grins*
Big sis and mum: I don't get it. What fish?
Everyone else: *rolls eyes*


Mum: So you'll all come here Christmas day.
Me: *pouts* Our tradition of doing nothing on Christmas day is being royally screwed over.
Mum: Not like you have to do much. Just show up for dinner!
Me: Yes, but we kinda have this tradition of never even changing out of our sleeping wear.
Mum: Then come wearing those. I don't care.
Me: You know, we actually sleep naked.
Everyone: *splutter*
Mum: You are not showing up to my dinner party naked!
Me: *pouts*
Little sis: You know, I'm surprised you only have two children the way you go on.
Me: Having two kids you don't really have time to make more.
Sis: Except at the movies.
Me: *grins* Exactly! Back row... in the dark...
Big sis: Felis!
Hubby: You're being exceptionally bad tonight, dear.
Me: What? Me? What do you mean? "
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~The dangers of wearing bras:
"My boobs are blue.
I wore a black bra on my ride home and it bled from the sweat.
Now my boobs are blue."

~Talking about the Daily Show clip of the Republican dude who wants the 10 commandments displayed in Congress but could barely name 3 commandments:
"With all due respect to the Congressman, I probably couldn't name all of the ten commandments either. There's one about coveting my neighbor's butt that just confuses me."

~[livejournal.com profile] felisblanco & Mr. Felis were shopping for their upcoming vacation:
"Hubby was buying himself some clothes for Crete and grabbed a pair of underwear.
They're see-through.

~and then she was talking about shopping for the trip some more:
"yesterday he bought himself sandals, trousers, a football shirt and the infamous see through underpants. (Which I'm wearing at the moment because I couldn't find any clean ones of my own. Plus manpanties make better room for your... privates)"
"In other news... I'm wearing see-through manpanties!! Erm... I already told you that, didn't I? Well, I just like saying manpanties. Which is a word I think I just made up but it sounds funny."

~[livejournal.com profile] swmbo discovered that life is tough even for a two year old:
"This morning I went over to BFF's and was falling asleep next to nephbo on the sofa - he was sitting there with his legs sticking straight out, leaning wearily against the corner of the sofa as well. I sat down next to him (well, first I put his pants on. On him. Not on me) and we played with magic phone a little bit, but we were both too tired to be excited. And poor Nephbo kept *sneezing*, like five or six sneezes.

And then he just looks at me wearily, shakes his said sadly and says in glum tones "Nose."

"Nose," I agree, touching his button nose lightly. ANd he nods and sighs and the despair of the world is in his sigh and I nod and sigh and then we both go back to trying not to fall asleep. And playing ring tones on my phone."

~And her story of work amused me:
"Yesterday afternoon at work, our regularly scheduled workday was interrupted by an all company page over the intercome system:
Owner: Would one of the graphic designers get off the Internet and stop by my office for a minute?
Pause of 10 seconds
Owner: Stop looking at each other and saying 'You go.' 'No, you go.' 'No, you.'"

~The wickedly funny [livejournal.com profile] stoney321 summarizes the DaVinci Code
Click here to read it! (Do I really need to tell you that it will have spoilers?

~Stoney went to New York and prepared a checklist for packing:


  • clothes - variety of weather conditions - CHECK

  • raincoat - CHECK (and boooo, East Coast. Booo.)

  • passport, false identity, key to a new life hidden under secret obsidian pavestone on 114th and 5th Ave - CHECK

  • lube, bongs, number to that guy in the Bronx with "firepower" - CHECK

  • ocelot fur coin-purse - CHECK

  • positive mental attitude - CHECK

  • barely legal porn - CHECK

  • other reading material for the flight - CHECK

  • map of Manhattan - CHECK

  • laser pen- CHECK

  • bibles - DOUBLE CHECK

  • white-noise-canceling headphones (you have no idea how much [profile] cherusha talks - be prepared!) - CHECK


  • sacks of cash - CHECK (they even have a dollar sign on them! That'll make them seem like props as I saunter through NYC carrying them, so I won't get mugged. Right?)

  • extra snacks for plane since they don't FEED US ANYMORE - .....check.

  • ~and last, but certainly not least, y'all simply MUST go read about [livejournal.com profile] stoney321's adventures as a Mom taking care of a fish:
    WARNING: Fish death. Lies. Um... okay, yeah, that's it.
    Everyone should be lucky enough to have a mom like the fabulous Miss Stoney! :)
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Have y'all seen the tv show Action? It's out on DVD now.
If you've never seen it you must rent/buy/Netflix/steal it. Whatever it takes to get your hands on it.
It was an absolutely brilliant show. Too smart and funny for Fox, so they cancelled it. I know, Fox canceling a good show... Whoda thunk?
I just watched the first few episodes with [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm and this exchange of dialogue in the pilot sums up why I love this show:

(Wendy Ward is a prostitute, there with Peter Dragon. Peter Dragon is a movie producer. Stuart Glazer is his suck-up assistant. They are talking about Peter's newest movie.)

Wendy Ward: I thought it just plain sucked!
Stuart Glazer: Excuse me, who are you?
Peter Dragon: She's my prostitute.
Stuart Glazer: She's your whore?
Peter Dragon: No, she's my prostitute. You're my whore.

F' ing brilliant show. And i need an Action icon, like yesterday. Must work on that!
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Hey kids!
It's May first.
Hopefully we'll have some decent weather, because you know what starts today, right?
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to download this song by Jonathan Coulton. If you've got a copy of my smut mix CD, just fire up the first track.
Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing...

Creative Commons License
This song is distributed under an AttributionRequired-NonCommercial-Sharealike Creative Commons 2.5 license. You may redistribute the mp3 as long as you credit the creator.

And if you like the song, go give Jonathan Coulton some money.
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VD is for Everybody

An old public health commercial...
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~[livejournal.com profile] felisblanco talking about how her fiction always tends to turn dark and angsty:
"I'm really a very happy and well adjusted person. Honestly. I even once tried to write a children's book about a cute kitty. Except then I had it get run over by a car and that was the end of that."

~From the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] stoney321 talking to one friend who is visiting a new love:
"Have a fantastic trip, and love her to bits. She'll fit in your carry-on easier if she's disassembled."

~[livejournal.com profile] bombalurina is a volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo and posts the Zoo updates she gets. This leads to reading some unusual things you don't see in most LJs:
"Animal mortality insurance has been purchased for the African animals."
"Laura Trechsel and Deedee Schoeberl are at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for giraffe training."

~There is a mutant on my flist who just had a birthday
"Today I am *this* many...
*holds up 26 fingers*"

~Don't believe everything you get in your email box. [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco gets spam:
"It's quite flattering how many people want to give me their money. From all over the world. And how incredibly unlucky these poor sods have been... and all true of course. And then, grief stricken and desperate to get their money out of the clutches of evil relatives that really do not deserve a penny these poor people search all over the internet for a person who they trust enough to bring their fortune out of whatever oppressed country they live in and yes, they decide I am that person and I really deserve the 20% they're going to give me to thank me for helping them. Some even just want me to have all of it because I am such a great person.
My recent favourite is the Christian one that wants their money to go to a person of God, such as myself that will surely use it for good.
I really should write her back and tell her OMG!! Thank you!! You have made my lifelong dream come true. Now I can quit my job and write gay vampire porn all day!! Yay!! U rockl Oh yeah, and praise the lord. *coughs*"

~[livejournal.com profile] swmbo has a nephew. He's learning to talk:
"And then there were phone calls from BFF telling me that Nephbo has learned a new word and it's HONEY! Honey! Omg, so freaking cute. She put him on the phone with me and he said "honey!" and I was like "ohhh, sweetie!" and I melted into a little pile of honey myself. Although I have a bone to pick with Nephbo. He can, apparently, say the word OPPOSITE. And yet he can't say swmbo. Or won't say swmbo. I say "Say swmbo!" (Ok, I'm teaching him my actual name and not swmbo, but that's not the point) and he says "Blitz". Blitz is the dog's name. Unacceptable, Nephbo, unacceptable."

~And last, but certainly not least, [livejournal.com profile] stoney321 posted a link on Zombie Jesus day to remind us of the previous year and how EVIL she is:
"My cat is on the prowl again, which means today I found THREE dead bunnies in the backyard.
I wanted to take the kids' Easter baskets I bought today and put them next to a carcass, candies and plastic eggs scattered about.
I won't, but I thought about it. For an hour."
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Brokeback Hospital

Yes, it's another Brokeback Mountain parody trailer. But there have been so many gay snarky undertones between House & Wilson that this trailer could be reality!
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Remember in Season 2 of Angel, when they went to Lorne's home dimension, Pylea?

Here's what really happened...

Pylea Mountain

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I am feeling linkarific today! It's been a while since I've done one of these posts showing you the cool & funny stuff I find on the internets. Enjoy!

1. Who knew? A Smallville newsite has news that will interest you Doctor Who fans on my flist... Christopher Eccleston has been signed to appear as Zod!

2. Remember the caffeine soap that came out a few years ago? Well they've come up with another way for you to get your caffeine buzz without having to ingest either sugar or evil artificial sweeteners like nutra-sweet: Buzzaire - Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler

3. Y'all know I love Coverville. The latest episode (#194) is actually all original songs instead. They are the songs where the version we all know is actually the cover and most people have never heard the original. You can download the mp3 directly by clicking here.

4. And I know one of you doesn't need this link, having just announced his plans for a Vegas Elvis wedding, but for those of you still looking for your better half, Google wants to help. Google Romance. "When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot. Google Romance™ is our solution."

5. Slashdot has redesigned their page, giving it a much needed face lift!

6. Are you subscribed to the Astronomy Picture of the Day yet? Today's was really cool!

7. Finally! An answer to our need for a television resource. It's like IMDB and Wikipedia had a baby! TeeVeePedia

8. How Stuff Works has a really cool article on animated tattoos!

And now I've gotta run. [livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I are going to go check out a furniture bankruptcy sale to see if we can find a cool sectional sofa cheap! And then tonight we're gonna have yummy Irish food at Kip's Pub with Jeanine & Julie! Yay!

No comments on all my wonderful April Fools links? I don't love you people any more & so I'm gonna go use Google Romance to find new internet friends!
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For your amusement... More stuff from my flist:

~ [livejournal.com profile] swmbo's not feeling well: "I'm currently held together by germs and cough drops."

~ The put your playlist on random and add "In My Pants" to the end meme brought up this result for someone:
"13. K.M.F.D.M. - Spit Sperm (Live) in My Pants
I win at this meme!!!"

~In a thread talking about the founding fathers and their hottnes or lack there of...

A - Well, on the US currency, Hamilton is a serious hottie. The others are pretty plain.
18th century men ought to be pretty distinguishable -- between scarring and poor oral hygiene, we would probably look like cardboard cutouts compared to that much variance.

C - Ah, you are assuming that the images of these guys are big enough to show poor oral hygeine and scars.
Though you are right... From what I can tell from these reference images, Hamilton is probably the hottest of all our founding fathers. He definitely looks good in uniform.

A - nuh huh. check out that ten-spot -- he's got the cheekbones and the eyebrows. to say nothing of the whole rockstar death by duel. Jim Morrison had nothing on him. except probably recording technology.

C - Wow, that top photo on that Wikipedia entry is the least hot image of Hamilton I've ever seen.
Though this one comes close. I think this one makes him look like Emilio Lizardo from Buckaroo Banzai:

This statue, on the other hand... Yeah, that works:

A - Oh, I'm sure there are a few bad pictures of Jim Morrison too.
Alexander Hamilton: America's first dead rockstar.

~This is what happens when a comic book colorist gets board:
"Carrot Top and Liberace are now part of the first Congress of the United States."

~I posted a pic showing off my Mad Etch-A-Sketch skillz:
[livejournal.com profile] hellbob- "The Etch-a-Sketch was designed for kids to draw all the virtual steps they want. Not the abominations you routinely turn out...."
[livejournal.com profile] hellziggy- "You're just jealous... :)"
[livejournal.com profile] hellbob- "Of what? Your covenant with the Dark Lord for your Satanic 'Sketch Skillz? I don't think so. I'll keep my soul, thank you very much."

And last, but not least:
When your kid is sick, you need a plan:
"I have a cute little spotted thing at home with me today.
Yes, chicken pox has come to visit again.
Plan for today: Keep the little guy happy, write porn and nap whenever he does."
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OK people. For some reason even though I remember y'all being really funny this week I have failed in my quest to find all the funny. (Of course, the reason I post your funny here instead of [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes is because I am lazy, so consequently I'm not gonna go looking really hard...)
So anyway, here are a few quotes for your amusement. :)

~~This one is from a description of a dream:
"On the bed is this 2 foot tall, redheaded, hairy guy with pointed ears.
...and he's completely naked and shaking his junk at me while making obscene gestures."
Best part about this quote? I had completely missed the subject line saying it was a dream until after I read this & went WTF?

~~ The class was talking about sexual and social taboos...
"Any day where you get to talk intellectually about adolescent butt sex at 9 a.m. has potential, does it not?
( Buttsex or no, I'm glad to be back in classes again. )"

~~ Why wasn't my mommy this entertaining when I was getting college solicitations? [livejournal.com profile] mle292 comments on the college mail Squeaky is getting.
"Dear sirs,
Thank you for your recent request that my daughter apply at your University. Please be advised that my daughter will be unable to attend any educational (and I use that term loosely in this case) institution that includes either the word "Christian" or the word "Texas" in the title.

~~ And, of course, the oh so quotable [livejournal.com profile] stoney321
"Apologies for not updating sooner - I blame the flu. And George Bush, because he's to blame for everything."

~~ Father/daughter time at the Wal-Mart
"Of course we headed over to the toy section and we played with the $1.00 Batman masks. She finally figured out that if she leaves it on her face, she can be Batman. I on the other hand, I had a Darth Vader mask, and I wouldn't leave it on unless Xxxxx left the Batman mask on. So we were strolling through Wal-Mart with our respective masks on."
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No pretty html links since I'm at work. It's all cut & paste baby, cuz I'm an idiot without my LJ client!
Remember the cover of Baby Got Back that Jonathan Coulton did? Y'all listened to it when I linked it right? Cuz you click on every link I post, right? ( http://www.jonathancoulton.com/music/thingaweek/BabyGotBack.mp3 )
anyway... he didn't do this song, but he did link to it on his page. Everyone must listen if they are curious about the real reason Cheney shot the quail dude he was hunting with... Go on, listen to it... I'll be here when you get back. ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/video/JillSobuleDickandHarry.mp3 )

See. Told you it was funny. Looking for a movie to see this weekend? Already seen Brokeback Mountain? Wishing you could get some more of Michael J. Fox's brilliant performances in Back to the Future, Back to the Future 2 and Back to the Future 3? Here's a trailer for the next Must See movie of the year: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfODSPIYwpQ )

OK. Back to work for me. yay. can you sense the excitement?

silly meme

Feb. 7th, 2006 08:43 pm
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I don't usually do these, but this one amused me. :)

<td align="center"> hellziggy --

A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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me: I managed to spread the Killer Bunnies addiction to two more people this weekend! *evil grin*

her: Hehehehe (evil laughter) SOMEDAY YOU WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!

me: But I’ll be a kind and benevolent ruler, as long as my minions bring me gifts. :)

You heard it here first minions. I will conquer the world!!!
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The email that was sent out to us at work about the latest virus:

Subject: Virus Alert Bulletin - Please Read
Importance: High

**** Mac users may disregard this bulletin *****

The line about Mac users was in red to emphasis their superiorness.

To all,

Another mass mailing e-mail worm virus has started to surface that is capable of destroying documents on your desktop or on our network. The worm, which uses the lure of sexually explicit images to trick e-mail users into executing an attachment is scheduled to launch its payload on Feb 3rd to unexpected users.

The e-mail subject line may include any one of the headers listed below:

This is the part that amuses me. There is a list of possible e-mail subjects that we shouldn't open:

Subject: (any of the following)

• ----- forwarded message -----
• *Hot Movie*
• A Great Video
• Arab sex DSC-00465.jpg
• eBook.pdf
• Fw: DSC-00465.jpg
• Fw: Funny :)
• Fw: Picturs
• Fw: Real show
• Fw: SeX.mpg
• Fw: Sexy
• Fwd: Crazy illegal Sex!
• Fwd: image.jpg
• Fwd: Photo
• give me a kiss
• Miss Lebanon 2006
• My photos
• Part 1 of 6 Video clipe
• Photos
• School girl fantasies gone bad
• Re: Sex Video

Yeah, cuz we make it a habit of opening emails with the subject "Crazy illegal Sex" in our WORK email. C'mon. We're smart enough to save those for home!


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