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I'm so sick of CVS/Caremark!

I complained about being forced to use a CVS pharmacy instead of the Walgreen's we'd been using for 10 years last fall when we got the notification about the change in our insurance. I found out that one of the two brands of generic Ritalin that CVS carries does work, just not quite as well as Walgreen's generic. I also found out that CVS has one brand of generic that sucks donkey balls. And I found out that when I dropped off my prescription I could tell them which one I needed them to use.

How it normally works:
1) Rx Plan: "You have to do 90 day refills on maintenance meds *and* you have to use CVS Pharmacy.
2) Explain new pain in the ass plan to Awesome Doctor. She writes all our Rx for 90 days
3) Find a CVS Pharmacy even though we've been very happy w/our local Walgreens for the last 10+ years.
4) Drop off Ritalin Rx at new pharmacy. They say "90 days? No problem."
5) Pick up Ritalin...
6) Pharmacy: "The Rx Plan won't cover 90 days, only 30. Probably because it's schedule 2"
7) Call Rx Plan for options.
8) Rx Plan: "No, you're covered for 90 day pickup at the store. Doesn't matter if it's Sched 2. I did a test script and it worked.
9) Me: Pull out freaking hair! Then call Awesome Doctor for new 90 day script because the last one ended up only being used for 30.

And of course, that was how it worked today. They entered it in the computer while I waited, it said only 30 days, they called the Rx Plan who said "Yup, only 30 days on that one."

I took the script back until I can figure out what to do. Then I called the customer service line. This time I *hope* I got the only smart person they have answering phones there because I LOVED her answer.
1) I can only get 30 days at a time of Ritalin because it's Schedule 2.
2) It's not considered a "Maintenance Medication" even though I take it every single day!
this rocks because
3) If it's not a Maintenance Med I can get it filled at ANY damn pharmacy I want and I'm not restricted to only being allowed to fill 2 times at pharmacies that aren't CVS!

I can go back to our Walgreen's for my Ritalin again! This makes me so happy! Not just because their version works better either. We never wanted to switch pharmacies. That decision was forced on us. If this chick was right and I'm not restricted in where I can go I can now go to the place *I* choose. That would be the pharmacy that has given us 10 years of problem-free service and is convenient. \0/
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I haven't been posting much for a variety of reasons. Not a lot going on in my everyday life, random thoughts going in short bursts to Facebook or Twitter instead, not having time when I do feel like posting.

But the main reason is that I haven't been doing much of anything lately.

Depression sucks. )
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Well hey, I just may be figuring out this LiveJournal thing. I've actually posted something every other day this month!

Did you know it snowed today? And it's cold? Not too weird considering we live in Minnesota. I think my drive in to work took all of about 5 or 10 extra minutes. It was painfully slow when I was going down Hwy 55, but when I got on 100 it was moving ok. Then I got into the HOV lane w/my MNPass. Wheeeeeeeee. I was chucking along at darn near normal speed on a road that was cleared but I had it to myself. Those poor saps over on the regular road? Not so much.

Last night's drive sucked, but that was mostly because I had to go all the way up Hennepin from work to just near MCTC. I had gotten this month's Ritalin prescription and I wanted to get it filled at CVS so I could see how effective or ineffective their generic Ritalin is. I also wanted the price for 3 months worth of name brand Ritalin so I could figure out how much it would be our prescription plan.
I was telling the pharmacist why I needed to know and she was very helpful. She also told me they have two different brands of generic that they generally got. I'm pretty sure one of them is the one that didn't work, so we were going to fill my prescription with the other one so I could see if it worked before I started committing to 3 months worth.
This was when the pharmacist had a brilliant idea. She filled the majority of my scrip with the one I know I've never tried, but then also filled a little bit of it with the generic that might be the one that's worthless. This way I can try both, and when I get my 3 month order I can call ahead of time to let the pharmacist know which brand I'm going to need it filled with so she can be sure that one is in stock.

I'm still not happy to be forced to switch pharmacies, but at least the pharmacist seems good. I think we're still going to join Walgreens' prescription club for all our regular meds because it will be $12/order instead of $25. I believe the only two not eligible for that program are my Ritalin and [livejournal.com profile] hellbob's Bietta.

I was supposed to snowblow the driveway, but we have TWO snowblowers and neither one would start! So I shoveled almost the whole thing by hand. Yuck!

And now, bedtime.
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[livejournal.com profile] hellbob's company was bought by Boston Scientific so we have a new prescription provider this year, PharmaCare. Whatever. As long as we get our drugs for just a copay it's the same difference to us.

So yesterday, I went happily skipping into Walgreens with my methylphenidate (Ritalin) prescription all fresh & shiny and autographed by my doctor. Dropped it off and came back for it a couple hours later.
Couldn't get it.

Apparently my prescription insurance is worried that it may be overprescribed. They have to have an authorization from the doctor stating why I need to take it.

Now this isn't a refill that's run out so they need a doctor's authorization. Oh no. Methylphenidte is a Schedule II controlled substance ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEA_Schedule_1#Schedule_II_drugs ) so I figure that's why. Because it's Schedule II I can't get more than 1 month at a time. I have to have a physical prescription each time. The doctor can't call in or fax in the prescription. I can't get post-dated prescriptions from her. No. Each and every month I have to call the clinic to have her write the script. Then I have to haul ass after work to get to the clinic to pick it up before they close (It's for ADD! Of course I don't order it early enough to have them mail me the prescription!) Then I have to go to the pharmacy to drop it off and then either wait for it or remember to go back for it.
Pain in the butt.

But the best part about them now also wanting the doctor to tell them why she wrote me a prescription? (other than the fact that as a medical doctor she is waaaaaay more qualified to say what meds I need than they are?) They only want doctor authorization on methylphenidate IF THE PATIENT IS OVER 18 YEARS OLD!!!

Yes, in a country where almost all articles on ADD/ADHD are talking about how over-diagnosed and over-medicated it is in children my prescription company doesn't care if you want to give it to a kid.
But god forbid a grown woman who knows how to take care of herself wants it! An adult whose dose hasn't increased in over 4 years. An adult who has never done any illegal drug other than drinking alcohol between ages 18-20. Don't let her have that Ritalin! She might be a speed freak!
Fucking bureauocracy!


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