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[livejournal.com profile] hellbob says I should definitely go to the Phoenix Comicon!


He's going to go too if we can manage it. It will depend on how I get there and how much it costs.

Do any of you guys want to go too? :)

One option we were considering was road tripping down.
It is a 28-29 hour drive according to the Google Maps. It is between 1700 & 1800 miles depending on which route you take. If road-tripping I'm leaning towards the route through Denver as I've already taken the other route once, and I've never ever ever been in the Rocky Mountains.
MplsPhx routes
This option is really only feasible if there are a few of us heading down. To minimize time needed off work, it would be nice to drive straight through to only lose just over one day to travel. That means multiple drivers. Plus, depending on start time it would also have the advantage of driving through the not-so-scenic Iowa & Nebraska in the dark. You could even go with if you're not Minneapolis people as long as you live somewhere close to that blue line.

Option #2 is flying. This option minimizes the possibility of Rick being able to go. Right now, round trips to Phoenix are running between $280 and $330, give or take a few fees. Southwest, who we love, is not the cheapest. They do, however, have a $20 leeway built in since they won't charge for my checked bag. (for ex., I consider a $320 United flight and a $300 SWA flight to be the same price). If flying is the decided method of travel, I still have over 3 months to keep an eye out for a sale, or possibly a really good air/hotel combo special.

If flying, there's no travel savings for multiple people going, like there would be driving. But either way, if any of y'all wanna go we could split hotel room costs. If it is just me I will take [livejournal.com profile] spellwight up on her generous offer of crashing at her place before she has a chance to think twice about it. (DON'T tell her I snore!) ;) But I won't even think about imposing if I'm more than just me.

So yeah, definitely going. Don't know how I'm getting there. \0/
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Well, I'm finally starting to get phone & laptop skins put up on Etsy!
My shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SSSkins
yes, I only have 2 designs up so far. I'm planning on adding a bunch more. I just have to go through and plug the pictures into the templates so I've got images to put up. If you are interested in one and have a particular picture of mine in mind, just let me know and I can be sure to do that one sooner rather than later.

You know how in Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog if you hit the laundromat at the right time you'll find Nathan Fillian and Neil Patrick Harris fighting over Felicia Day? Well, not at my laundromat. :( The place actually isn't too bad though. And we really don't have to spend too much time there since our washer still works. It's only about 1/4 mile away, so we just haul our baskets of clean wet laundry in, and it only costs a buck or two. I would much rather have a working dryer in the basement though. :-/

Wisconsin has seceded from the nation. Ok, maybe not in real life, but in our 10 Days in the USA game it has. When we were playing this weekend after one game Rick asked who was hoarding Wisconsin because it had never come up in the draw pile. That's when we realized that none of us had seen it at all. A quick check of the cards, and sure enough, no Wisconsin. The folks at Out of the Box are so awesome though. I pretty much got an immediate response from Leah saying to just email her my mailing address and they'll send a replacement piece.

I just LOVED last nite's Big Bang Theory. Bazinga! I watched Lost tonight w/[livejournal.com profile] hellbob and that 2 hours just flew by. Hopefully at some point they will start answering questions instead of just creating new ones!

Even though there hasn't been a decision made about me (and hopefully Rick) going to the Phoenix Comic Con I started looking around at air ticket prices. It really sucks that it is on a holiday weekend, as it raises all the prices just a little bit. The con isn't even really using the holiday weekend. It goes Thurs-Sun, so the Monday holiday is a moot point. Right now Southwest Airlines isn't the cheapest option, but they seem to have sales fairly often. And I have to remember that if other airlines are just a little cheaper, the checked bag fee may make it essentially the same. At least if we decide to go the con itself is really cheap to register for: only $30!

So, on Twitter I joined that FourSquare location that you're at thingy. That was Sunday nite. Sometime Monday nite I got the Twitter email saying that due to possible phishing activity my password had been reset and to go make a new one. Nothing online has pointed to FourSquare, but since it was literally the next day after I gave them my password, they aren't getting the new one! I'll still update through the app though. It only took 3 checkins for me to become the mayor of West Photo.

Even though I don't want to ever auto publish my tweets to LJ, if I were to use one of those programs could I set it to always do the post as private? I don't feel like I need to broadcast everything, especially when it's one side of a conversation, but it would be nice to have a record of my tweets since they're not permanent like LJ.
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I've really sucked at the whole LJ thing lately, haven't I? Im gonna have to work on that.

This weekend (well, starting tomorrow actually) is one of my favorite weekends of the year: CONvergence! [livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I will be staying at the hotel as usual. This year, we are back in the North tower! hell yeah! No 19th freaking floor this year!

I'm pretty sure I'll keep facebook & twitter updated since I've got my iPhone. I'm just not sure how much I'll keep up with everything else online. Since the Torchwood ep doesn't air until after the weekend I probably won't feel the need to break down and pay the hotel's internet charge.

I do have my iPhone set up for tethering now, but I don't know if I'll use that. The hack hasn't been out there long enough yet to find out if AT&T will rape users with insane fees if they tether.

ugh. I should be sleeping. Also, I should have been packing already. OK then. I'll pack quickly and then go to bed.

Tomorrow, CONvergence! (after working all day.)
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So, another CONvergence has come and gone...

Three days later and I still haven't caught up on reading LJ or posted about it myself. And it's not like I have work as an excuse... *sigh*

I really feel like I just lost the last few days. Monday was first spent sleeping in, then after only a few hours awake it was spent in a sleep coma to try to get rid of (or at least sleep through) cramps.

Unfortunately my right ear has pain off & on too, which I think means that the amoxicillan didn't really get rid of the infection.

A possible ear infection combined with PMS combined with lethargic depression at being unemployed probably contributed to the con having a weird vibe for me, as well as losing 2 days post con.

So right now I'm going to work on catching up on reading. Then I will post about con. Maybe not all things in that particular order.
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Problems with ddddddddddddddddddd
My d key isn't working very well - i have to sometimes hit it several times for it to work - so if a word looks funny in this post and would make more sense if it had a 'd' somewhere in it, it probably should.

OK. Important stuff first: My Happy Happy Joy Joy post from just over a week ago.

[livejournal.com profile] genevra is pregnant! There's gonna be another Monkey in February!!! Yay! Me & [livejournal.com profile] hellbob get to be Auntie & Uncle again! The doctor told her that it is just one this time, but that's what they told her at the first ultrasound last time too!

Not so good stuff: My layoff happened on schedule last friday. Because this first week unemployed is a holiday week followed by CONvergence weekend, I'm not really hitting the job hunt hardcore until next week. Thank you to you all who expressed best wishes/condolences/etc. on my "I'm unemployed" post. I really just wasn't feeling up to replying last Friday.

My what the hell I've been up to lately bullet points:
*Drank yummy beer and chocolate martinis friday afternoon (started at 2 pm!)
*Had dinner at El Loro with [livejournal.com profile] hellbob, [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm, [livejournal.com profile] michaellee & [livejournal.com profile] frozendragon.
-----*[livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm had been an El Loro virgin before that!
-----*[livejournal.com profile] frozendragon - If you remembered to bring my book I forgot to get it from you! Either this weekend maybe, or when I get the roaster pan back from you?

*Went down to Hidden Valley Campground w/[livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm on Saturday to camp with Tiki Neighbors & Friends™
-----*Had to buy a tent before going to camp. Now that we own a tent I intend to convince [livejournal.com profile] hellbob that we should camp more!

*Came home from camping and showered! Yes, this deserves its own bullet point!
*Went to Ratatouille w/[livejournal.com profile] hellbob. We liked it.

*Did the online application for The Creative Group and got my resume and stuff together for my meeting there on Tuesday.
*Clan Foley came over for dinner, and after dinner I almost kicked butt at Star Wars Monopoly, but [livejournal.com profile] hellbob pulled out the win in the end.

*Went downtown to The Creative Group.
*Fucking Rocked the Photoshop proficiency test! I got 92%. The average of everyone who's taken it was only about 77%.
*I also did good on the In Design test. I got 80-something% and the average score for that was 60-something%. Also, more important, the chick I met with knew that I was all self-taught on In Design which makes 80+% extra impressive.
*Went to the Police concert at the X with [livejournal.com profile] hellbob,[livejournal.com profile] kaldeth, [livejournal.com profile] kalfoley, [livejournal.com profile] romeoa, and Jeanine-of-no-LJ. [livejournal.com profile] levertwok also managed to score a same-day ticket.
-----*It makes [livejournal.com profile] hellbob gloat a little to hear it, but I like the Police more now than I did before seeing them in concert.
-----*This does not in any way, however, change my complete love of Uncle Kracker's music!!!

Wednesday, aka The 4th of July, aka Independence Day
*Besides being the birthday of our country, July 4th is also [livejournal.com profile] hellbobDad's birthday.
*We went to Hellbob's step-sister's house to celebrate the momentous occasion of my father-in-law's birth.
-----*All his gifts were either gin, or golf related.
*[livejournal.com profile] hellbob unfortunately had some kind of minor stomach ookiness going on so he stayed home that evening while I...
*Went to [livejournal.com profile] mhuot & [livejournal.com profile] dragonsden's annual 4th of July Fireworks party with [livejournal.com profile] akdar, [livejournal.com profile] genevra, [livejournal.com profile] technomonkey_m, and [livejournal.com profile] gigglemonkey_b.
-----*There was much good food (meat on a stick!) and even more good company. I will forget people, cuz that's how I roll, but attendees included [livejournal.com profile] shrique, [livejournal.com profile] tripstumblefoot, and their lovely N, [livejournal.com profile] kalmn, [livejournal.com profile] monstersocks, and Mr. Monstersocks (whose LJ handle escapes me at the moment), Erik, Linda, ummmmmm and a buncha other people!
*The loudness of the fireworks scared the Monkeys at first, but by the end they were enjoying the heck out of them.

Thursday, aka today
*I slept in.
*didn't do much during the day.
*Went to the MN Zoo's member preview of the revamped Minnesota Trail
-----*If you live in the Twin Cities, go see it! They've made a lot of really nice changes. It certainly had needed this facelift after the almost 30 years since the zoo opened.

Friday. Yes, Friday hasn't happened yet, so I can't tell you what I did. But I can tell you what I'm gonna do!
*CONvergence starts tomorrow.
*That is where I will be all weekend.
*If you know me, say hi.
*If we haven't met yet, say hi. But also tell me who you are!
*If you want to contact me, my cell number is in a friends only post back in 1970.
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Two more guests added for the James Marsters and Friends event:
Smallville creators Al Gough & Miles Millar!

At this rate, the Friday Night premium ticket event is going to have as many special guests as ticket holders! This is going to rock sooooo much! And I have ticket number 26!!! I can hardly wait!

The current guest list is:
James Marsters
Tony Todd
Kevin Sorbo
David Fury
Jane Espenson
Steve DeKnight
Michael Winnick
Dee Dee Bradley
Mercedes McNab
Al Gough & Miles Millar


Jun. 4th, 2006 01:30 am
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They've added another guest to the James Marsters event in September: David Fury!

So the current list is:

James Marsters
Tony Todd
Kevin Sorbo
David Fury
Jane Espenson
Steve DeKnight
Michael Winnick
Dee Dee Bradley
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[livejournal.com profile] geohard says this isn't my picture of the day for Friday...

[livejournal.com profile] alisgray has stripey feet!

And a bunch more pictures here, under the cut... )
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Home from another fabulous OmegaCon. It was [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm's first one and she didn't seem too terrified of the geeks.
Some random phrases & stuff from the weekend:

Me, after smelling a glass of bourbon - "Oh my god! It smells like my mother!"

Slutty Pippi Longstocking

"It's like leprosy, only fun."

About a picture of a man in a loincloth - "When you move, his nipples follow you..."

"He killed a lot of whores." - this was the Salad Bowl clue given for Jack the Ripper.

There was a picture of Godzilla on our hotel room wall, until you turned on the lights, then it was a Ruffed Grouse.

This year's video game obsession? Crack Ball, aka Katamari Domacy. I did not play, therefore I did not get trapped in one room all weekend.

Dippy the retarded deer.

Prime Rib is finger food.

Number of sets of pajama I went to OmegaCon with? 3
Number of sets that I came home with? 4

"What happens at OmegaCon stays at OmegaCon."

Comic book coloring as performance art.

Just for [livejournal.com profile] 7thstranger - "Oh, oh Geoffrey, right there. You've got it." Hee hee hee! [livejournal.com profile] mhuot has the FTP for the site up, so I shall have to get that mp3 out there for everyone to enjoy. *insert evil laugh*

There will be pictures and stuff tomorrow.


Nov. 11th, 2005 01:06 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm should be here any minute to fetch me & we're off to OmegaCon! I'll see y'all on Sunday (unless, of course, you are going to Siren also.)
Have a great weekend!
I love you, [livejournal.com profile] hellbob! Don't get in too much trouble while I'm gone!


Nov. 10th, 2005 08:13 pm
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While I'll still be taking my daily pictures this weekend, I don't think I'll be able to upload them until Sunday night. I'm pretty sure that I won't have access to the internets, unless the hotel in Siren has added it since last year.
Tomorrow, at about 1 or so, [livejournal.com profile] lucky13charm & I will be hitting the road to Wisconsin for a weekend of relaxing, hot tubbing, drinking, board games, and conversation. Yay, OmegaCon!
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I've got two people sharing my room with me at OmegaCon this year. This got me started thinking.

The first year of OmegaCon I didn't stay at the hotel, thus had 0 people in my room.

The second year I stayed by myself, so 1 person in my room.

Last year (the 3rd year) I shared the room with one person, so 2 people in my room.

This year, 2 people sharing w/me, so 3 people in my room.

At this rate the room is gonna be darn crowded by the time we get to the 10th Omegacon!

At least I know the full real names of everyone in the room this year so I won't have to tell the desk clerk when I'm checking in that "yes, there is someone else in the room. His name? Ummm. I don't know his last name..."
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Dang. i just realised that i posted way more tonight than I had in a while...

One quick poll before I go to bed:

[Poll #599230]

*edit* LOL! I was just looking at this and noticed that I have a text box at the end of the poll for no apparent reason! hee hee. In my defense, I was literally falling asleep in the middle of posting it. At one point one of the choices was "No, I'm ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" Feel free to put anything you want in that text box!
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I get to wear pajamas to work tomorrow! Yay!
It's the "Fall Celebration" there. I guess this year they decided it can't be called Halloween.
Anyway, this is about the fourth or fifth year I've taken advantage of the day we can wear costumes to work to wear comfy flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers.
Last year's pajama theme for me was monkeys. This year it's Eyeore. Two new pairs of jammies because besides work tomorrow, I've got Omegacon in two weeks!
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HellBob & I just got back from Fargo a couple hours ago & we had a blast! Virginia Hey is not only beautiful but is a wonderful, sweet, funny woman. HellBob & I will have to get our convention report for the Cthulhu Coffee site up as soon as possible while we still remember everything (except the parts that HB has lost to Klingon Blood Wine...)
If you are wondering who the heck Virginia Hey is, she is the woman who played Pa'u Zothoh Zhaan on the tv show Farscape. Her character was blue & bald. She was also one of the guests of honor at the ValleyCon convention that we were at this last weekend.
If you were a teenage boy when Road Warrior came out, you most likely remember a character who didn't have a real big part - Warrior Woman. I guess she had a crossbow & wore a headband... It was fun watching HB & our friend Tom actually meet a woman that they had adolescent fantasies about! We chatted with her several times over the weekend & also sat at her table for dinner on Saturday. *big grin*
The artist GOH was a fellow named Dave Devries who has done a lot of comic book art, mainly covers since painting is his medium of choice. He was also a very nice guy. We did the party crawl with him Saturday night.
The writer GOH was Kevin J Anderson who has written some Star Wars stuff (which I haven't read) and is writing all the new Dune books with Frank Herberts son. I've been reading the Dune stuff & I really like it! I did get a chance to chat with him briefly, and like the others, he was also very nice. He had free copies of a short story that leads into his new book that were done up by his publisher as a free promo & he very generously autographed a pile of them for me to bring back to give out at Waldenbooks. I didn't even ask him to.
Having been to ValleyCons years ago we weren't expecting much, but were completely blown away by how much fun we had. A big part of it was due to the wonderful guests. Virginia is just about one of the sweetest women you will ever meet!
I will let y'all know when the report is done & up on the w
eb page. You'll just have to wait until then for details!
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I hate balancing my checkbook!
But, on a positive note, my new computer has my Quicken transferred to it now. It sucks a lot having to enter over a months worth of checks & charges when you are used to doing it every 2 weeks or so. Too bad just typing a deposit into Quicken doesn't really give you the money. *sigh*
I hate Fargo. The town, not the movie.
But today I thought of three very positive things about spending the weekend in Fargo, besides the lovely blue Virginia Hey:
1. Pizza Patrol
2. off-sale til 1am
3. combining these two things

I miss Pizza Patrol for 2 reasons. 1- it was very yummy & cheap pizza. 2 - they are open 24 hours! We were spoiled. I got down here to the cities & discovered that it's tough to find pizza after 11, let alone all night. I'm just hoping not to have the "that's not as good as I remembered" syndrome.

For those of you who may be from a strange non-Minnesota land, off-sale is a liquor store. Off sale means you take it off the premises to drink it. On sale is a bar. Don't ask me where these terms come from. Fargo even has drive through liquor stores. Isn't that a brilliant idea?!?
I lived in Fargo when I turned 21. In ND you can get off sale until 1am, which is also what time the bars close. So if you are drinking & don't want to stop you just have to leave at lasst call & rush to the liquor store. Or, if you're drinking in Fargo, you can probably just buy something to go at the bar you're at. We usually drank in Moorhead just on the other side of the river. This required a little more planning. Someone had to head out at 12:30 or so to get across the river & buy the booze. Minnesota has the same last call as ND, but you can only get off sale until 10 pm. If you run out of beer at 11:00 on a Saturday night you won't get any more until Monday. HellBob & I are still trying to get used to that. It's just not right.

My brain is starting to get fuzzy. Maybe I should think about getting to bed soon.

I've been cutting back on caffeine. I only have one caribou or one mello yello in the morning. In the next week or two the caribou will be turning into decaf & the mello yello into sprite. I have decided that caffeine is an evil drug. It has less effect than Ritalin. It is much much more addictive. It has withdrawal symptoms. And once you are hooked on it, it gives you no benefit, it just keeps you from suffering the withdrawal symptoms. I can't believe this drug is legal & unregulated. It should be as hard to get as Ritalin. Except the little bit you get in chocolate, of course. Chocolate doesn't count. It's a vegetable.
In just cutting back I have already noticed that I have more energy. When I was consuming a steady intake of caffeine I was practically falling asleep at my desk!

For those who haven't heard yet, we are having our official End of the Summer BBQ. It will be here at the HellHouse on Oct 12th. Start time is 6pm. We have a fire pit that we will be lighting up sometime after dark. Human sacrifices start at about 10 pm. Oh, wait, human sacrifices are bad, aren't they? I guess we will just have to have alcohol sacrifices. I will personally be responsible for sacrificing several bottles of raspberry apple cider. And I'm also going to try to get my hands on some of my dad's 400 proof wine. Mmmm, really strong homemade wine. Y'all know where we live & if you don't just email me. Official decrees will hopefully be mailed out soon.

Brain turn off now.

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Friday tomorrow!

I have figured out why artists wear black. It's not to be all broody & morbid & cool. It is so that when you get the f#@king charcoal all over your clothes it won't show! I am gradually learning to change to all black before my drawing class.

This Sunday when I am at Como Park I am going to take my sketchbook instead of my camera (or maybe in addition to) and get some of my sketches for class done.
I had forgotten until last Sunday just how much the polar bears there depress me. They each have a pattern that they walk or swim over & over & over again. One even has a sore on his head where he rubs the wall each time.

Fargo-Moorhead actually has a zoo now. When we moved away 8 1/2 years ago they were trying to raise funds for it. Guess they did. I'll have to go check it out when we are up for Valleycon in 2 weeks. We've got 5 people going up for sure: Me, HellBob, Mark, Tom, & Sandy. The room will be a little crowded, but cheap! If we had one more person we could probably get 2 rooms with 3 people in each. Not as cheap, but more comfy. Feel like a road trip from Duluth, [livejournal.com profile] uglyzebras? :) How about one from Madison, [livejournal.com profile] bloodlossgirl? Our resident convention hopper [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin can't go cuz she has one wedding to attend & one to be a bridesmaid chick in. I normally wouldn't even consider Valleycon, or Fargo-Moorhead for that matter, but Virginia Hey from Farscape will be there!
Blue chicks are cool!

Tried calling my friend Becca up there & her phone is disconnected. Don't know what to make of that since the last time I talked to her she was working for Qwest....... I hope she didn't up & marry the idiot already. We never even got our invitation. Even though we don't like him, we would still go cuz she is our favorite psycho-readhead-bitch from hell! Had her cell # once upon a time but don't know where it is. :( :( :(


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