Mar. 5th, 2008 10:06 pm
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I am posting this from my new shiny MacBook Pro! Yay!

Also, I repaired Chiana earlier today. She wasn't charging or running off the plug-in anymore, just battery. I ordered the part and changed it out myself. I basically had to open her up and remove everything but the hard drive and the CD drive. But I did it and got her put back together and she works! The wireless still doesn't work because that was a different part, but I did get her up and running again!

Now I just need to get stuff transfered from my other computer to this one.
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My "d" key still doesn't work as well as the others so at times I have to hit it really hard. I also have to really watch to make sure I spell things right, including my last name. Maybe I should just change the last name to Snyer.

I have no idea where the data I'm putting in Access goes or what they do with it at the GM temp job, but T. said I did really well yesterday and got a lot done. They also didn't come over to make sure I got all set up today, they just assumed I could do it on my own. (and I did!) From what I've seen of the average temp worker that does data entry, this is not something one should assume because most wouldn't be able to. Hopefully this bodes really well for them keeping me or for me getting future GM temp jobs.

Omegacon info: When [ profile] hellbob & I were driving home from mom & dad's cabin a few weeks ago I noticed this wonderful bit of info on the Lodge at Crooked Lake's sign: "Free wireless internet." This is a change from last year and it makes me happy. :)

My podcast friends are at Dragon*Con. My James Marsters friends are at Dragon*Con. My ex-roomate and her man are at Dragon*Con. I am not at Dragon*Con. *pout* I want to be at Dragon*Con too!

I have no plans for today. I think I may paint in the backyard. :)
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When you bring your laptop to school to take notes in class, but you forget to bring your power cord, so when you have only 11% power before class you realize you're gonna have to go the old-fashioned route of pen & paper.

~signing off now. Goodbye internets.
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So... Everyone's talking about the shiny new Yahoo Beta. I tried switching. Yahoo Beta can't handle me...
When I switch it gets stuck on the loading screen. I'm guessing that it is confuzzled by an inbox with over 7600 mails... Which is only 5% of my available space, so WTF?
No shiny new Yahoo for me!
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Apparently my copy of MS Office is relatively common because I had to turn off my computer's airport at the beginning of class. Another user with the same license was already logged in on the same network and so the program would shut down...
I suppose if I actually gave Microsoft money for the program I wouldn't have these issues...
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My hard drive was getting way full and photoshop was constantly having issues about not having enough room on the scratch disc.

Time to clean up the hard drive!

I backed up all my iTunes Music Store purchased music on my external drive. Then I went through the iTunes library for all the songs it said were duplicates. I had way more than I thought even after ignoring the ones where I had different versions from different albums.

I also copied my stuff from this last semester at school to my 'Class' folder on the backup drive and deleted all of them from my hard drive

I had a bunch of reference stuff that I rarely have to actually use so that went onto the hard drive too.

I haven't done anything with my photo folders yet to see how much room I can get myself there. I used to have a habit of keeping pretty much every photo because digital storage is endless, dontcha know? But now that I've had some size issues with the hard drive I've started eliminating the ones that are crap right off the bat when I first import and look at them on the monitor. I should really go back and do that with some of my older picture folders too.

Of the 60 gigs I have on the computer, over half of it is being used for pictures and music.

I have 22.6 GB of music (over 5000 songs!) and I've only rated about 1/2 of them. I need to start listening to my "not rated" playlist more often to get the songs sorted. If I don't like a song at all I give it one star instead of none because then I periodically go into iTunes and sort by rating and just throw away all the ones with one star.

I have 13.2 GB of pictures. Of course, that is only going back to July of last year. Anything older than that was already moved to the back up drive.

I managed to pull my available space from just teetering on the edge of 1 GB to a very luxurious 4.77 GB of room! I think that's good enough for one night. :)
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[ profile] mhuot, you might need to help me with this one...
I'm wondering how to put files out there on the internet. Not a web page, but just some files. Like possibly some mp3 files. I've had other friends who've put stuff out there and I can just right-click and do a save as, but I don't know how.
I have Dreamweaver which I used for my class a year or so ago, but I was never all that comfortable with the uploading process. I can't seem to get anything to work now, but I don't know if it's just me, or if it's the server. When I hit the test button it says it's connecting, and when I go look at the sites I did for school they are still there. But I can't seem to figure out how to get a new folder up there and put stuff in it...
I also tried using Fetch and it seemed like it should work, but then I type in the address of where I should have stuff and I can't find it.
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I missed you, internets!
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Saturday - Went to the KalHouse. Played Killer Bunnies
Sunday - Went to the MonkeyHouse. Hung out with [ profile] genevra, TechnoMonkey, and GiggleMonkey.
Monday - Went to work (8 hours). [ profile] hellbob slept in.
Tuesday - Went to work (10.25 hours).
Wednesday - Went to work (9 hours). Went to school. (2.25 hours)
Thursday - Went to work (9 hours). Went to school. (3 hours)
Tomorrow - Gonna go to work (6 hours)

Yeah, I know. You all wish you could have a life this exciting!

Other randomness:

Don't put potato peels down a garbage disposal.

You know how on TV when there are plumbing malfunctions and water shoots straight up outta the drain? That can really happen.

I spent money and I blame [ profile] dakegra. He had mentioned Tom Bihn bags a few weeks ago so I finally went and ordered the ID Messenger Bag. It is designed so that the Brain Cell I already have for Chiana not only fits in there, but it has clips to hold it in place. I got the Grape/Wasabi color. I have been coveting this bag for a while now.

The James Marsters Words and Music DVDs from his London Macbeth performance & concert have started shipping, but [ profile] lucky13charm hasn't received ours yet. *pout* There are songs on there we haven't heard yet, and ones we've only heard the one time in Toronto.

I ordered a Coverville t-shirt from cafe press and that showed up on Tuesday. I was browsing through some of the other stuff there at cafe press and it could become addicting rather quickly... Must. Resist.

I ran into Tom at school tonight. :) Those of you who were at my house for the last episode of Angel met him. I hadn't seen him for at least a year, but since I'm part time and just night classes it would be really easy to just never be there at the same time. Turns out he wasn't there last semester, but we've both got a Thursday class in the Graphics Dept this semester so we can catch up.
"Hi Tom, if you're reading this!"

A new laptop battery can make a world of difference! I'd forgotten what it was like to have a battery that could last for even an hour, let alone longer! This will be good for layout class since we have limited computer availability during class due to the school scheduling 3 classes that need computer labs in a department with only 2 labs.

[ profile] dakegra, who is responsible for lots of things lately, made me have to struggle at work to keep from laughing out loud. He recommended The Ricky Gervais Show podcast. It is wicked funny, but Ricky Gervais really isn't the star of it. karl pilkington is. He is a strange, strange man. He's been described as "either one of the greatest comedy talents of this generation, or a partially shaved monkey that can talk." When he talks the stuff that comes out of his mouth is never what you expect, like nothing you've ever heard, and always funny.
Ex. "It'd look daft if they dangled down below" About an octopus' testicles.
Absolutely brilliant stuff.

And now I'm gonna go to bed. :)
Nighty-night everyone!
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Well, Chiana is back online. We'll need to figure out the secure wireless thing later. [ profile] mhuot, [ profile] hellbob will probably be calling you for help on how to get both Chiana and his laptop to play at the same time.

I'm snuffly and drippy and coughy. [ profile] genevra, I blame you!!!

Christmas at my parents house tomorrow.

I'm busy scanning pictures of Rick's sister's family so she can have them since she lost all hers in the fire.

Christmas cards won't get out before Christmas but I think they'll be out before New Years.

We've gotten some cards from all our wonderful internets friends: [ profile] kokopellinelli, [ profile] caitirin & [ profile] elaby, and [ profile] mcbarnes1970.

I think all our shopping is done. Yes, really. All of it. And it's not even Christmas eve until tomorrow!

Guess what I'm doing on Wednesday! I'm gonna go see the Gear Daddies!! And City Pages is paying for it!!! Yay! I likes winning things!
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[ profile] hellbob got a laptop for work and it has wireless. He figured we should switch the wireless to secured. Great theory, but we can't get it to work with Chiana, so right now my laptop can't connect to the internets. *sigh*
I'm on his laptop right now and there's no two-finger scroll on the touchpad, I can't use cmd/[ to go back a page, when I hold down the mouse button there's a 50/50 chance that it's actually the right mouse button, I don't have tabbed browsing. It's just not right!! I like using my computer with all the buttons and keys set up the way I like. I want MY internets back!!!


Nov. 22nd, 2005 11:49 am
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LJ is still morally opposed to sending all comment notification emails, isn't it?
*kicks LJ*
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I hate balancing my checkbook!
But, on a positive note, my new computer has my Quicken transferred to it now. It sucks a lot having to enter over a months worth of checks & charges when you are used to doing it every 2 weeks or so. Too bad just typing a deposit into Quicken doesn't really give you the money. *sigh*
I hate Fargo. The town, not the movie.
But today I thought of three very positive things about spending the weekend in Fargo, besides the lovely blue Virginia Hey:
1. Pizza Patrol
2. off-sale til 1am
3. combining these two things

I miss Pizza Patrol for 2 reasons. 1- it was very yummy & cheap pizza. 2 - they are open 24 hours! We were spoiled. I got down here to the cities & discovered that it's tough to find pizza after 11, let alone all night. I'm just hoping not to have the "that's not as good as I remembered" syndrome.

For those of you who may be from a strange non-Minnesota land, off-sale is a liquor store. Off sale means you take it off the premises to drink it. On sale is a bar. Don't ask me where these terms come from. Fargo even has drive through liquor stores. Isn't that a brilliant idea?!?
I lived in Fargo when I turned 21. In ND you can get off sale until 1am, which is also what time the bars close. So if you are drinking & don't want to stop you just have to leave at lasst call & rush to the liquor store. Or, if you're drinking in Fargo, you can probably just buy something to go at the bar you're at. We usually drank in Moorhead just on the other side of the river. This required a little more planning. Someone had to head out at 12:30 or so to get across the river & buy the booze. Minnesota has the same last call as ND, but you can only get off sale until 10 pm. If you run out of beer at 11:00 on a Saturday night you won't get any more until Monday. HellBob & I are still trying to get used to that. It's just not right.

My brain is starting to get fuzzy. Maybe I should think about getting to bed soon.

I've been cutting back on caffeine. I only have one caribou or one mello yello in the morning. In the next week or two the caribou will be turning into decaf & the mello yello into sprite. I have decided that caffeine is an evil drug. It has less effect than Ritalin. It is much much more addictive. It has withdrawal symptoms. And once you are hooked on it, it gives you no benefit, it just keeps you from suffering the withdrawal symptoms. I can't believe this drug is legal & unregulated. It should be as hard to get as Ritalin. Except the little bit you get in chocolate, of course. Chocolate doesn't count. It's a vegetable.
In just cutting back I have already noticed that I have more energy. When I was consuming a steady intake of caffeine I was practically falling asleep at my desk!

For those who haven't heard yet, we are having our official End of the Summer BBQ. It will be here at the HellHouse on Oct 12th. Start time is 6pm. We have a fire pit that we will be lighting up sometime after dark. Human sacrifices start at about 10 pm. Oh, wait, human sacrifices are bad, aren't they? I guess we will just have to have alcohol sacrifices. I will personally be responsible for sacrificing several bottles of raspberry apple cider. And I'm also going to try to get my hands on some of my dad's 400 proof wine. Mmmm, really strong homemade wine. Y'all know where we live & if you don't just email me. Official decrees will hopefully be mailed out soon.

Brain turn off now.

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It's been almost a week since I had any random ramblings... It's a comfort thing. My computer is dead so I have to use HellBob's. Even though it is the same room, all of four feet from where I usually am, and it's the same chair, cuz his is the wrong height, it just doesn't feel right!
Maybe the problem is the shiny foil "mud-flap girl" sticker on his case. You know the one, silouhette of some chick with Barbie like proportions leaning back, one leg bent...
It's just not the same as my happy little computer with it's Los Angeles Coroner's Office sticker!
I think a big part of the problem may be my complete lack of bookmarks! I had finally just organized all of mine. *sigh*
What a long week this was! I had class on Tues & Thurs. The teacher is driving me nuts because his voice just reminds me of someone. He talks & I know that voice. I just can't remember who!!!! Argh!
On Wed, I worked a shift at Waldenbooks. It was kinda neat because with all the kiosks up there are all these part-time new people who don't know what they are doing yet. So since Christine & Kelly were busy putting up the last kiosk (it's a Lego one!) they kept coming to me with their questions & to ask what they should work on. Usually, I work with one of hte management 'cuz someone with a key to the store has to be there. It was just weird being the one who knew stuff.
Friday, we went to check out one of the films at the Central Standard film festival. It was a film called Hell House. It was both funny and scary in a "I can't believe these people are real" kind of way. It is a doc about a haunted house that a church put on with "real" horrors. A girl has an abortion, bleeds to death & goes to hell. A man is gay, dies of AIDS & goes to hell. A girl goes to a rave, is drugged & raped, commits suicide & goes to hell. Are you sensing a theme yet?
Tonight I left HB at home & went off to take in another movie. Last Seen. I didn't really care for it. It was shot on a small digital camera & it really showed sometimes. It was just distracting to be watching a movie in a theater & have the diagonal lines be jagged because of the pixelation. Also, the script was written as it was being filmed. I just couldn't get into it.
But, I did find out that they have upgraded all the five day passes to VIP, so I can go to the final movie & the closing ceremony dinner. Free dinner at Fuji-ya, which was voted the best Japanese & best sushi in the Cities. When I told [ profile] chebutykin about the free dinner she called me a bitch. hee hee.
Earlier in the day, Cheb & I headed down to Bloomington for a baby shower. Jen, the wife of our friend Gecko is due November 1st. Halloween baby! Her baby room is Seuss & since no one makes Seuss wallpaper or decorations or anything they had to paint it themselves projecting pictures on the wall, tracing & painting. It turned out awesome! And I found the cutest little eyeore outfit to give her! :)
I thought weekends were for relaxing! I haven't gotten to do much of that! And now I will probably try to check out one of the short film showings tomorrow before heading to Como Park. Then I am gonna try to get to the park at least an hour before my class, with my camera. ZOOOOOO!!! :) Then I've got my Wicca class for about 2 hours or so. Then home to get HB so we can head to the last movie & go get our free dinner. :)
I'm tired just thinking about it. Time to go veg out infront of the tv for a while & maybe make HB order us some pizza.
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Looooonnnnng day! I stayed up WAY to late last night. Went to "Look Ma, No Pants show last night with HellBob, [ profile] chebutykin, [ profile] uglyzebras, and Mark. Wheee! I hadn't been before & it was really funny! Of course, no one warned us about the pants donations, so we abstained. It was an 11 pm show ending somewhere around 12:30ish. Of course we were silly enough to go to Perkins after... We'll just ignore the fact that it was a silly thing to do when I knew I would be getting up at 6:45 am. Argh. Human beings are not meant to see that time of day. And especially NOT on weekends! But my friend Dawn was going to be at our house between 7:15 & 7:30ish so we could head down to K102's Fan Jam, not so lovingly referred to as HickFest by HellBob. But I like country music! So sue me! Anyway, it is an all day affair with 8 acts or so (for less than $30!!) and since country fans are so much more civilized than your average rock fan, everyone brings blankets and/or chairs & sets up in rows & that is pretty much your spot for the day. If you want to wander back to get overpriced food, you just have to take your purse/camera/etc & you can leave your blanket & chair & when you come back, they will still be there undisturbed. Just try that at Ozzfest! We got pretty good seats & I think I got a few really good photos. Then Dawn & I stopped at the VFW right near home for a few drinks & HellBob came out to join us. All in all, a good day!

Computer dead. Actually it's more like a coma. A coma with brief periods of awakefullness. As I was getting my daily dose of LJ on Thurs, computer froze. Ugh! Tried reboot. It beeped & the screen was blank... *loud voice* "Rick, I think I broke my computer" Just what every computer tech geek wants to hear... Seems to be a heat issuse. It will run for about a five minute spurt before deciding it is done. HellBob's building new computer for himself so I can take his old one is suddenly number one priority! This is not the first issue with mine, it is just the most significant! So not only am I seperated from *my* computer, but I now have to compete for computer time with games! ick! Want my own computer!
Decided to color my hair. Last time I did this was about 1996 or so. Came out a dark auburn, kinda reddish, barely noticable in some light, bright in sunlight! I like it so far. I actually got HB to help w/ the coloring and as he's about 1/2 done the doorbell rings & in bounces [ profile] uglyzebras, freshly arrived for Look Ma, No Pants. HB had a brief moment of preparing to be embarrassed when someone saw him coloring my hair. Then when he saw who it was he was quite relieved. Someone who has had blue hair wouldn't be too judgemental of him helping! A husband who will color hair... What more does any woman need!

Now it is way past my bedtime. Must sleep!


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