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Yeah, last week was quite the roller coaster, with extreme highs and extreme lows.

The low was, of course, losing Gabriel. But, out of this came a confirmation of something I already knew. I have the most awesome friends, both online and in real life. So many sweet & touching comments from y'all here, and over on Facebook, and on Twitter. We also got a half dozen cards and 3 bouquets of flowers. Our neighbor Tammy planted a hosta for Gabe back where we buried him.

It's been tough, but Monday really was the worst day. It's gotten better. The sadness hits at weird times though. Like when I put the carpet cleaner away under the sink. I started crying because I wouldn't be cleaning up cat barf a couple times a week. Not that I miss the barf, just the barfer.

Lump seems unfazed. We expected that.

And then the highs. I know I mentioned the NASA Tweetup that I got picked for. I don't think I posted anything since then though. I'm going! Although incredibly jealous, [livejournal.com profile] hellbob said that I shouldn't miss it because it's the opportunity of a lifetime. So I changed my plane ticket to fly down Wednesday and will be spending most of the day Thursday at Kennedy Space Center. The whole rest of the crew ([livejournal.com profile] hellbob, [livejournal.com profile] genevra, monkeys, etc) will be watching the launch from a river boat, and will also go on a bit of a nature cruise.

I've got my camera gear sorted out for the trip. My giant lens is going w/me in my carryon and I've got a carbon fiber tripod rental set up down in Orlando. I'm sort of nervous about going to meet such a huge group of people where I don't know anyone, but at least we can get to know each other on Twitter first. And of the 3 other people I've learned of that are going down from Minneapolis, one of them is actually on the same flight as me. I haven't met her yet so that could be good or bad! LOL. We're even going to give her a ride to the airport with us most likely. I just wish we could have brought a plus one so that I could have [livejournal.com profile] hellbob there with me for the launch. I'm going to miss getting to see it with him. :( Moose is awesome, but he's no Rick.
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Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know this was a Very Bad Day. Short Twitter sized updates were all I could mentally handle earlier.
[livejournal.com profile] hellbob & I lost our beloved cat, Gabriel, earlier today.

The medical crap that you probably don't want to read )

The last day.  )

He went so fast. It was quick and peaceful and hopefully painless. He was in Rick's arms with me there. It was best that way. He hated the vets office and would have hated to be there.
It was just so damn hard. Our cats growing up were all either outdoor cats or indoor/outdoor since we lived out in the boonies. I'd never had a cat die of old age before.

When I met Rick 17 1/2 years ago he had this awesome cat. Friendly as could be. Purred like a mother-fucker. The very first time Rick kissed me that cat was curled up on my lap. That was Gabriel. My entire life with Rick has also been with Gabriel. I just can't imagine not having Gabe around.

You were the best cat I've ever had, Gabriel. If there is an afterlife, I hope you enjoy the hell out of it.

Gabriel ~ 1991-2010
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Awesome photographer [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy posted this on Thursday (yes, I'm that far behind on reading. Shuddup!)

From City Kitties comes an amazing tail (yes tail) of a seven year old who saved up his allowance and gave everything he had, $46.75, to help homeless cats.

In Evan's honor I paypalled $46.75 to info@citykitties.org.

You can too.

And you can read City Kitties note about Evan here.

People from all over are donating money not just to City Kitties, but also to their own local shelters in Evan's honor. How awesome is this kid?
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Look at this sweet, innocent, harmless little puddy tat:

Lies! He's not sweet & innocent!

He tried to MURDER me on Tuesday!!!

Tuesday morning I finished my shower and walked out of the bathroom. One step into the hallway and next thing I knew I was flat on my back. Gabriel had puked in the hallway right in front of the bathroom door! I banged my knee pretty bad, and I've been kind of achy, but I didn't hit my head or anything.

But, at least when your day starts with you flat on your ass, naked, and covered in cat puke, you know your day can only get better. :)
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I checked the blood sugar of both cats tonight (I get paranoid about such things after having had Cougar's diabetes go undiagnosed.)
Lump's came in at a respectable 68.
Gabe's was at 176, and he hasn't had food since about 12 hours ago since he gets fed twice a day.
So I Googled feline blood sugar and found three sites with blood glucose guidlines. They were all different:
65-135 mg/dL
80-120 mg/dL
50-130 mg/dL
So basically Lumpy comes in normal, but Gabe's numbers are high. He's due for his regular checkup though, and he needs his teeth clean which means they'll have to do a full blood workup anyway since he's so old. The cranky guy will be 17 years old this fall.
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Because we all know the internets exist to turn your pictures of your cats into LOL cats!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Apr. 14th, 2008 11:58 pm
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I'm trying to work on homework and Gabriel decided that he wanted to type too.
The following is a message from the Cranky Old Man (line breaks inserted by me because I care more about not breaking your friends page than he does!)


And the little snot keeps holding down the brightness key so that the screen goes dark.

Stoopid cat!


And now Lump felt the need to put in her $0.02 worth:

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For a friend's weekly photo keyword challenge:

importunate \im-POR-chuh-nit\, adjective:
Troublesomely urgent; overly persistent in request or demand; unreasonably solicitous.

Yeah, that word pretty much sums up Gabriel!


You can tell by his emaciated form that we *never* feed him!


Nov. 3rd, 2007 09:47 pm
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LOL! Mr. Gabriel CrankyPants Cat is halfway across the living room and I can hear his purring! The boy has a motor in him!
Miss Lump, on the other hand, purrs so quietly that I can usually only tell by feeling her throat. A dainty little delicate creature she is.
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Because, really, the internet needs more pictures of my cat!
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I have a theory that Lump and Gabriel spend the whole day while we are gone playing with each other and cuddling with each other. But Lump is ashamed of her unnatural relationship with a man over twice her age and so she growls at him when we are around so that we won't suspect the true nature of their relationship.

On campus this year they've installed these new emergency call box things with blue lights on top. They are at various places on the very tiny campus, as well as each floor of the parking ramp having several.
My first thought regarding them was "Damn, what happened over the summer that we need all this extra security all of a sudden?" Because of wondering that the blue lights don't really make me feel safer at all.
My second thought regarding them was "And really? How would this be useful if/when zombies attack?"
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Am I a bad person if I have an overwhelming urge to throw Miss Lump out in the snow and take pictures of her discomfort?
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hee hee. Miss Lump was asleep on my lap, as usual, when she apparently started dreaming because she all of a sudden got all twitchy. Then when I woke her up she started looking around like she what trying to figure out where she was/what she was doing. I wish I could see what she was dreaming.


Aug. 24th, 2006 10:59 pm
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Gabriel is sleeping on the back of the couch with his head about 2 inches from mine.

Gabriel snores.

These two things do not make for a good combination! I keep waking him up.
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Close-up of my smallest minion...

Lump's nose:


Feb. 10th, 2006 06:34 am
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The Gabester is sitting on my lap doing a power cuddle and purring like a freight train. I guess I can't go to work because it would break his little kitty heart if I put him down. :)
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I saw Black Garage Cat, a.k.a. Aleister, this weekend! He is BIG! And soft & fuzzy! He said to say "Hi" to you. :)

Remember when he was this tiny?

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Been playing with Photoshop tonight. Why does a teeny little 100x100 icon take almost as much time as a full size hot vampire manip?

Gotta have a holiday icon!

And I couldn't think of a good picture to use for the OMG! WTF? one so I went with just text.

And this one is one I made shortly after OmegaCon because of the creepy picture in our room.
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Well, our Gabriel cat came through his vet appointment yesterday safe and mostly sound. They ended up having to extract two of his teeth. His teeth get really bad because he doesn't use them, he just inhales his food. So at least the loss of 2 more teeth won't impare his ability to eat!
The vet also removed a lump that had grown on his nose. She couldn't tell without sending it in if it is cancerous or not, but she seemed to think that it was pretty well contained to the one area.
Gabriel is one frickin' expensive cat! Yesterday's visit cost us $520 and that's on top of the $150 spent for pre-surgery bloodwork and antibiotics.
He was pretty loopy & drooly last night, but today he was moving fine and was curled up on my lap purring.
Poor expensive kitty!
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Gabriel will be going to the vet to get his teeth cleaned, and Lump will be going over to [livejournal.com profile] genevra's house for the day. She's gonna hate that! Even though they'll be kept separated, Lump will know there is a dog in the house and that won't make her happy.
It's gonna be a weird schedule for me tomorrow too. I have to leave the house early so I have time to drop off Lump. Then I'll be working only 4 hours, from 7:30-11:30. We're having a potluck at work tomorrow, so after I punch out I'll hang around to eat lunch, and then I've got a doctor's appointment at 1:30. Then I'll have to get both Lump & Gabe before I head home. Ugh. I should be asleep right now!


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