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Cross-posted from Frozen Sharon

As much as I really really really want to win this trip to Antarctica, it's pretty easy to get frustrated.

Because getting into the top 5 is based just on votes, I feel like I have to keep posting about it to get my Twitter, Facebook & LJ friends to vote. But I hate feeling like I'm a pest. There are only so many of them that are willing to go through the registration process to vote even though I assure them that Quark Expeditions doesn't share their email and doesn't spam them. You get maybe one email a month, and it's easy to unsubscribe.

I think the only way I will get more votes is if I can get some celebrities to tweet about it. Or maybe even some local media. The problem is that whole I hate feeling like a pest thing. I don't want to send bulk emails asking, and doing individual ones takes time. Also, if it's someone I just connect with on Twitter, I have to convince them with only 140 characters.

I just need to find a way to get more people to spread the word! I did make an easy to remember custom short url for voting: http://bit.ly/FrozenMoose so it will be easier to give out the link. I know, /FrozenSharon would make more sense, but I used that one last time, and it was actually the inspiration for the blog name!

D'oh! It just occurred to me as I typed that last paragraph that since the bit.ly links are case sensitive that I can make the link http://bit.ly/frozensharon and also http://bit.ly/frozenSharon. So I just did.

As for how I'm doing so far in the contest? Well, I started campaigning for votes seriously on Aug 9th and at that point I was down in 36th place. Right now I am tied in 24th. Unfortunately I need 419 votes to hit 5th place. On the bright side, of the 23 people above me, only 8 of them have received more votes than me in the 10 days since Aug 9th.

I've got 11 more days. I need to average 40 votes per day if I'm going to hit the top 5. Probably more like 50/day since I'm sure other people will still be getting votes too. I've got to figure out a way. If any of y'all have ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Oh, and I put a Moose post up there earlier this week: Vote for Moose!
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Quark Expeditions is sponsoring another contest to win an all expenses paid trip to Antarctica.

The details:
Turn Your Love of Wildlife and the Environment into a $45,000 Trip of a Lifetime.

Share your passion for the environment in 300 words or less and you and a guest could Travel with Julie Scardina on a Snow Island Hill Safari to see Emperor Penguins in Antarctica!

Join Julie on one of the final sailings of the legendary icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov. As Animal Ambassador for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, she will share fascinating behind-the-scene stories of animal training and conservation.

Tell the world why you should Adventure with Julie and encourage people to vote for you. On August 31, 2010, if your entry has received the most votes, you could win! This October 2010 voyage is already sold out, so winning is the only way you can get onboard.

Turn your love of conservation into the trip of a lifetime!

So of course I entered! I got 258 votes last time. This time I plan to exceed that. The judges will choose the winner out of the top 5 vote getters. I've got 2 1/2 months to do this.

My entry:
I'm passionate about Antarctica & want to share it with you
In high school I was convinced I would have a career working with animals. I attended an animal behavior summer school at the Minnesota Zoo, and earned a trip to the International Science Fair based on my study from that summer. I even attended college majoring in Zoology. But, life got in the way, as it tends to do. Because of various struggles in my life I ended up dropping out of college, never to realize my dream of working with animals.

I’ve also wanted to travel the world since I was a child, with camera in hand documenting nature. I feel that one of the best ways to get people passionate about saving the environment is to show them what is out there, and the beauty of it all. Unfortunately, I have never yet left North America although I did just get myself my first passport and it needs some stamps in it. I don’t know how yet, but I WILL travel internationally sometime in the next ten years. Wouldn’t it be great if that first trip was to Antarctica?

If you vote to send me to Antarctica, I’ll be sharing my adventure with you online. I’m a passionate amateur photographer, focusing mainly on nature, wildlife and zoo photography. I’ve had a journal on the internet since 2002, blogging about all aspects of my life. I have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Through these, you will be able to read about the trip as it happens. I already have a blog for my Antarctic obsession, and I’d love to use it to show the world Antarctica’s wildlife and untamed beauty!


To vote for me, click here:
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*Cross-posted from my Frozen Sharon blog*

My poor neglected travel blog. I haven't posted anything here since the end of October. I shall blame the holidays. Yeah, that's it! (Can I blame the holiday season if it's been 4 months since posting?)

Well, I haven't traveled anywhere yet, and I haven't really entered any contests.
I'm still obsessed with Antarctica though! On Twitter, I have been following Andrew Evans. His Twitter ID is Bus2Antarctica and here is his bio: Andrew Evans is traveling 10,000 miles, from DC to Antarctica, by bus for National Geographic Traveler.

Awesome, huh? He's been Tweeting stuff from the trip, and uploading pictures from Twitter. This trip is his first time in Antarctica.

I've been loving following his adventure, but the pictures he put up today just blew me away. It's a BLACK penguin! The following pictures & the captions underneath are by Andrew Evans.

It looks like Andrew removed the pictures from his ow.ly account. I'm guessing it was to protect his copyright, or because NatGeo wanted him to so they can be published later in NatGeo Traveler, since he was working for them on the trip. I did save copies of them, but until they are back online I won't put them here.

Isn't that just the most amazing thing? And to see it your very first time to Antarctica.

Also, the dude who won the Quark Expeditions contest is now on his trip and the blog posts are being uploaded. I'm gonna read them later today, and probably link to or cross post them for y'all to see too. Lucky SOB.
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I just posted a new blog post on my Antarctica blog.

Looking for votes in creative ways
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I decided that I don't need to be sending my family to my LiveJournal to read about the Antarctica contest, so I made a blog for it. I'll also be linking it in my contest entry. I'm not sure how much I will cross post between the two, but I'll try to put links her when I've got new stuff there.

My Antarctica blog is at http://frozensharon.blogspot.com/
Feel free to link it to anyone you know, especially people who are going to vote for me. ;)
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Hee hee! JoCo twittered for people to vote for me today:


(Go vote if you haven't yet! http://bit.ly/frzn )


Aug. 26th, 2009 01:19 am
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I took this penguin picture in California. That's silly. I should be taking penguin pictures in Antarctica!

Penguin vote
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OK people. I haven't posted about voting for me for the Antarctica trip since Thursday on LJ and Friday on Twitter/Facebook. I haven't gotten any new votes for over 24 hours.

Time to pester y'all again!!!

Here's the route we will be taking on the cruise:

Not only will I be leaving North America for the first time, but I will be visiting TWO new continents.

Also, Moose REALLY wants to go back to Antarctica and bring me with him this time.

Also, the part in my entry where I said I'd applied for my passport because I'm confident of winning. Totally true. I've had the app for over a year and I finally did it. Make sure I get to use it, ok?

So please, go use ALL your email addresses to register at Quark Expeditions and vote for me to be the Official Quark Expeditions Blogger. And post this for all your friends to vote too. This isn't a U.S. only thing. I've already got votes from Iceland and England.

If you have a non-LJ blog it would be super awesome if you would post about it there with a link to the voting page too.

I solemnly swear to bring back a penguin for anyone who reposts this. *

*um, except for the part where that's totally illegal. But if it weren't, yeah, penguins for all of you!

I need 275 votes to get on the front page. The dude in the lead is still getting votes, so I totally need to get the word out there into some forum where a LOT of people will see it and vote. If we get me to the front page (or even to the 2nd page) I will have an easier time selling it to people to promote.

I've got just over a month to get 4600 votes. Let's do this!

The address to vote for me is here: http://www.blogyourwaytoantarctica.com/blogs/view/548

or if you want something shorter and easier to remember: http://bit.ly/FrozenSharon

or if you want something even shorter for Twitter: http://bit.ly/frzn
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Cool! I'm up to 58 votes now. :)

Only 70 people have more votes than me now. 274 more votes will get me onto the front page when sorting by popularity.

Not bad considering that over 500 people have entered, and even though the contest started 2 months ago, I've only been in the running for 3 days.

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I'm already at 33 37 votes for the Official Quark Expeditions Blogger contest!

It's not a lot of votes compared to the 3848 I need to win, but it's an excellent start. It has already put me ahead of 3/4 of the entrants.

I'm already all the way up to page 8 7 when the entries are sorted by popularity. Once I hit 50 votes I'll be up to page 5. At 100 votes, page 3.

To bump the last guy off of the first page, I need 295 291 more votes. There are only 5 people with over 1000 votes, and only 1 of them is over 2000.

I have 43 more days to collect votes. I've got some ideas for getting more votes. I've started to implement some of them. I really want this, but I don't want to be too pushy.

But, I will be sending emails. Some to specific people asking them individually for help. Some to groups asking for help more generically. My family already got the "You're my family, you HAVE to vote for me" email.

Also, I'm not above bribery. If you're a teacher and you get your class to vote for me, I will send your class messages/videos/postcards/whatever from Antarctica while I'm there. If you are famous and you use your fame to tell people to vote for me, I will mention your awesomeness as I blog from Antarctica and pimp your product, be it book, music, whatever.

I've gotten a few retweets already. I've also got some Facebook repostings of it, and an LJ repost. THANK YOU everyone who's voted and/or reposted.

I went and got a bit.ly address to use. I wanted to keep it short, but couldn't get cold, brr, brrr, or frozen so my short url to get to my voting page is http://bit.ly/frzn. Just remember it by thinking that it's too cold for vowels. LOL Feel free to spread that url around wherever you can!

Rick has said before that when I set my mind to something I make sure I do it. Well, he hasn't seen anything yet.


There are so many places I've wanted to travel too. Of all of them, Antarctica is the one I am least likely to be able to pull off on my own. It would require winning the lottery. Thanks to this contest, I don't have to win the lottery, I just have to have the most awesome friends on the entire internet!

So remember everyone, vote early and vote often*!
*Only real human beings with personal email addresses may register to vote. One vote per person.

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February 20 to March 3, 2010 I will be on the trip of a lifetime!

A cruise to Antarctica aboard the Lyubov Orlova.

OK, so it's not official. I sort of have to win this contest first. But, I have the most awesome LJ peeps, Twitter tweeps, and Facebook friends so I know you guys will help make it happen for me!

Here's the deal:

Travel on a $20,000 Expedition for Free!

Quark Expeditions is searching for an Official Blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica. Do you have a passion for the polar regions? A commitment to the environment? An insatiable urge to photograph penguins?

Post your entry and tell the world why you should be our blogger. Be creative! On September 30, 2009, the entrant with the most number of votes will be selected as the winner.

The Official Quark Blogger will travel with a guest to Antarctica in February 2010 and blog about their experience, chronicling the action, the emotion, and the drama as their polar adventure unfolds.

My entry is HERE

Seriously people. I KNOW you can help make this happen.

Can you just imagine the pictures I would return with?

The winner of the trip will be determined solely by the number of votes. So please, go to the site, register, and vote for your favorite HellZiggy & Moose! Oh, and pimp me out to all your friends too. Do it for the Moose.
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There is a kick-ass photo blog out there called The Big Picture at boston.com. Every couple days they do a post full of big gorgeous pictures on a subject. November 10th it was Scenes from Antarctica!

32 photos of the awesomeness that is Antarctica. Here is part of one:


(This is just part of that picture. I didn't think y'all would want me borking up your friends page with a 990 pixel wide picture.)

It was really fun for me to scroll through the pictures and stop at #15 and go "Hey! I've seen that picture before. That is Jon, one of this years Winter-overs at the Pole!" LOL! [livejournal.com profile] 30toseoul had posted it in her journal a couple months ago.
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Encounters at the End of the World is playing at the Lagoon this week. Does anyone want to go with me to see it? I'm hoping the movie has a [livejournal.com profile] mcpenguin sighting or two because I know he was at McMurdo when Herzog was there filming. :)

The show times are 2:10 (which doesn't work for me), 5:00, 7:30, and 10:00.
The times/days that work for me are:
Monday- 5:00, 7:30, and 10:00.
Tuesday- 5:00, 7:30, and 10:00.
Wednesday- 7:30, and 10:00.
Thursday- 5:00 and 7:30.

If any of you are interested, let me know what day/time works for you.
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Werner Herzog's film Encounters At the End of the World is going to be playing at the Lagoon on July 11th! The site only lists one day, but I'm guessing that is the day it starts its run there.
I wanna go see it!
It'll be so cool if [livejournal.com profile] mcpenguin is in it. And I'll get to see some of the places that [livejournal.com profile] mcpenguin took Moose when he was down there. No Moose on film though. He wasn't down in McMurdo at the same time as Herzog.

If you aren't in Minneapolis and want to know when you can see this documentary, THINKFilm's got the schedule HERE.

Unfortunately, [livejournal.com profile] tx_cronopio, there are NO Texas showings listed. :(
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...and he brought a CD with some pictures!
More to be posted later (I have to watch Supernatural, dontcha know?!!)

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Hey P, I just watched a really cool 1 hour documentary called "Cruising Antarctica." It was filmed back in 2004. I do believe I literally *squee*'d out loud when they showed the building sign that said "Antarctic Fire Department McMurdo Station!!!" LOL! If I burn it to DVD are you interested in a copy?
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Almost exactly one year ago I made this post about Sir Edmund Hillary. He had just flown to Antarctica at the ripe ol' age of 87 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Scott Base in Antarctica.

Unfortunately this year I am posting that Sir Edmund has passed on. He died of a heart attack yesterday.
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I still haven't gotten any pictures from Moose's current adventure, but I did get an update on him from [livejournal.com profile] mcpenguin:

"well, the little guy has been to the south pole, been up ob hill, and over to the scott hut, and up by the rollcage mary on the hut ridge trail.

oh...he's got a thing for black russians now."


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