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It appears that you can cross-post from here to LJ, but not vice-versa.
That sucks.
I'm not going to post here & cross-post it to there because I don't want to find a new posting client.
I use XJournal and I like it. I know how it works and I know the keyboard shortcuts and I like the history viewing/backup feature it has. I'm not going to start trying out all the Mac clients that work with DW to figure out which one to switch to.
So, I'll be posting there as usual, and then when/if I have time I will be doing a cut/paste to manually copy posts to here. I don't think I have many people only reading here anyway. 95% of my LJ is posted w/o flock or filters so everyone can see it. I also allow anonymous comments (but log IPs) so people w/o LJ can still comment.
Since I've got a permanent LJ and I'm not considering moving to just over here, that's just how things are going to work for now.

*EDIT* Oh, yeah. Also, since I'll be posting the same things in both places (other than this post...) I won't be offended if someone who's in both places doesn't put me on their reading list. No one needs to read all my stuff twice! Also, if you're just cross-posting the same thing I'll probably not add you to my DW reading list and just leave you on the LJ one. 


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