Mar. 12th, 2010

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Not really daily anymore posting meme:

Day 17 was Feb 24, Day 18 is March 12. Yeah, I think that's how the calendar works. :)

Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy

I'm feeling kind of greedy about this link I'm going to give y'all.

It is completely full of awesome, but if it becomes too popular someone might figure out who The Boss is, and all the awesomeness would end. Somewhere in Ireland there is a koala. A very silent koala. Well, actually a dude who goes by the pseudonym of Silent Koala.

The Silent Koala is an office-bound marsupial who for sins of a former life is condemned to a lifetime of drudgery in the shipping industry. The following is unfortunately entirely true and accurate, only the names have been changed.

The Silent Koala's blog is called Good After-Morning!
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the insanity. SK's first introduction post can not even begin to convey the sheer mind-numbing WTFuckery you will experience.

The first post:
Good day to you.

I, the Silent Koala, am an office-bound marsupial working a life of quiet drudgery for a shipping company in this unfair city. Due to a strange twist of fate as I approach my 31st year I find myself now working in a large office which contains only two bodies; one is my small, furry and rather cute marsupial torso, and the other is the rather larger and less cute figure of The Boss.

I have quickly discovered, trapped together with no other sane persons all day as I am, that The Boss is suffering (and therefore, I am also suffering) from a range of idiosyncracies and unusual manners of thought and behaviour, including but not limited to :

Malapropisms: frequent, unwitting and confusing
Paranoia: terrifying, intense and unhinged
Casual Racism: in that middle-aged country-folk way of thinking that they've nothing against "them", if you follow me
Technophobia / Computer Illiteracy: 'tippex on the screen' doesn't even begin to cover it
Terrible Geography: a negative attribute for those working in shipping
Zero Memory: for names, places, numbers, or anything said more than 3 seconds ago
Aggressive Denial: that any of the above are actually taking place

The Boss has by my estimation now been working in this industry for close to 30 years and is still incapable of picking up the phone and successfully executing the greeting "Good [state correct time of day here]". This to me speaks volumes about a persons mindset.

What shall unfold now is, sadly, a true and accurate account of such events, mostly created as I need some kind of outlet for this lunacy lest it consume my tiny fur-enshrouded brain also.

Enjoy, or whatever.

As of right now there are only 183 posts. And actually, only 182 that you need to read since you just read the first one. I really recommend just going back and reading all the posts in order. It's better this way because in some posts he will call back to the crazy from previous posts.

So go, read, enjoy, marvel that Koala hasn't killed either Boss or himself. And while reading about Koala's suffering, pray that the blog never gets so huge that Boss finds out about it, because even while feeling sorry for SK's pain, you'll never want it to end because it's so darn funny.

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